2019 Recruiting Notes


Yeah, we started to recruit Tremont Waters and quickly learned he was not recruitable.


Yep, he was the Director of Operations Beilein’s last few years at WVU and then followed him as an assistant to UM. He still has a decent relationship with Coach Beilein but he didn’t want to leave.


So JB thinks someone else is leaving besides Mathews. There are obvious choices, but the easy one is Davis. He keeps losing minutes. Who knows.


Or Iggy is going pro.


Guessing Mahoney was pushed out, I was always surprised of it too. Seemed like jb reset his staff for recruiting reasons but Mahoney seemed to really get after it on the recruiting trail and was jbs best recruiter on his first staff.He had um as a factor for some very good prospects like Casey Prather, Klay Thompson, and Kawhi Leonard (never was reported but Mahoney claimed last year um was in his top group). I specifically remember Prather saying how Mahoney sent him a hand written letter pretty much every day. He also landed Darius Morris and Tim hardaway.


I actually kinda like their team this year.


Per an insider on 247, sounds like Poole is taking a lot longer look at going pro and getting some nice vibes from NBA teams…


Dot posts here too.