2019 Recruiting Notes

This would be a bad time for Arizona to pick a fight with a recruit.

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With all the late roster movement these days, kids have no idea the type of roster they are signing up for.

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All on the up and up, no doubt.

Terry Armstrong has been one of my favorite 2019 recruits for the longest time. Love his game. If somehow Michigan lands him I’ll be pretty excited.

His top four previously was New Mexico, Oregon, and Oklahoma. He took officials to UNM and OU, not Oregon.

Mutual disinterest

I have no clue of Terry Armstrong’s interest in us or vice versa but a guy who has bounced around this much in high school and now is leaving a college he’s never actually attended would make me doubt he’s the type of kid who Beilein would recruit. I can’t think of many if any guys who seemed to have baggage that he’s went after. MSU on the other hand seems like a place he could end up but thats pure speculation.


It’s pay walled so no clue what it says but if there is any possibility he can reclass would hope JB would be all over him. This is a pipe dream most likely but would be ideal.

Good for Skogman, he has a heck of a story.

Even with oats leaving. They will have a nice team for the near future.

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I’d rather bite the proverbial bullet in 2020 and go for a guy the staff thoroughly evaluate and are really comfortable and confident in rather than a scramble 2019 that may or may not be good enough and culturally a good fit.

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I hear what you are saying but the amount of research that is done to get any recruit, regardless of class, is higher than almost all places. Beilein always does his due diligence, if he thinks it’s a fit, then it should be.

Armstrong is a good kid but the people who handle his recruitment and who he lets influence him are a bit interesting to put it lightly. Talent wise, he’d be an unreal acquisition. I think of all the 2019 Michigan kids, he has the best pro upside. Although with the way Beverly played in GEICO I’m now not so sure. Nonetheless, Terry I think will be in the NBA. He’s had a rougher life than he should’ve had over the years though. Not sure he’d be the best fit but If he is a possible option I wouldn’t be opposed to risking it on him. At least with him I know he’s an elite talent compared to say a Samari Curtis. I don’t think Michigan would go for or land him though. He seems like he’d end up at MSU if he actually does get a release.

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Here is the list of Coaching changes for 2019/2020, for those schools in the power conferences. Wondering if any kids have opened up their recruitment? According to ESPN.

Alabama: Avery Johnson / Nate Oats
Arkansas: Mike Anderson / Eric Musselman
California: Wyking Jones / Mark Fox
Cincinnati: Mick Cronin / John Brannen
George Washington: Maurice Joseph / Jamion Christian
Michigan: John Beilein / Juwan Howard
Nebraska: Tim Miles / Fred Hoiberg
Nevada: Eric Musselman / Steve Alford
Saint Joseph’s: Phil Martelli / Billy Lange
St. John’s: Chris Mullin / Mike Anderson
Temple: Fran Dunphy / Aaron McKie
Texas A&M: Billy Kennedy / Buzz Williams
Tulane: Mike Dunleavy Sr. / Ron Hunter
UCLA: Steve Alford / Mick Cronin
UNLV: Marvin Menzies / T.J. Otzelberger
Vanderbilt: Bryce Drew / Jerry Stackhouse
Virginia Tech: Buzz Williams / Mike Young
Washington State: Ernie Kent / Kyle Smith

Most if not all have re committed already is the problem

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ESPN # 63 = Juwan Gary going to Alabama
ESPN # 84 = Jaylen Forbes going to Alabama
ESPN # 90 = Jayden Shackleford going to Alabama
ESPN # 92 = Jaime Jaquez going to UCLA
247 # 21 SG = Cashius McNeilly going to Texas A & M
247 # 32 SG = Samari Curtis going to Nebraska
247 # 17 PF = Yvan Ouedrogo going to Nebraska
247 # 26 PF = Emanuel Miller going to Texas A & M

@umhoops, did the NCAA change the regulations on mid-season graduations? If I remember correctly, Jarnell Stokes changed his plans mid-summer and graduated HS in December in order to join Tennessee for the winter semester (and was immediately eligible). As a projected 1-and-done possibility, it gave him an extra half season of college ball before he was eligible for the NBA draft.

Wagner now ranked by 247, checks in at #42. Jalen Wilson at 45, Bajema at 71.


Countless hours, LOL at the over the top self promotion.

Maybe it’s because they are bad at counting