2019 Recruiting Notes


Or maybe Poole doesn’t come to sit behind him and there is 0 chance I would trade an overdose of swag even if it’s for a noted sparty killer like Battle.


Looks like Seattle wing jaden mcdaniels is a new target. He’s big time with some um connections(juwan Howard is his cousin and his brother was named after Jalen rose). Blew up at the Nike hoops summit and in the first eval period, he’s expected to move up in the rankings soon.


Man we are in on a lot of elite 19s. Love the wide net.


Yep really hope we can take 3


I think that we will


Whoa baby. Would like to get Jaden McDaniels. Looks like he is a kid we could really sell our strength program on.


Michigan Targets: Joe Girard III, DJ Carton, Tyrese Maxey, Rockey Watts, Keion Brooks and Cole Anthony.


He just needs to iron out a few kinks and get stronger and it’s (Dickie V) NBA Babyyyy !


Key facts:

It would be nice if Beilein could snag this gig.


He’s done it before, but I always think about who he’d be paired with and my gut says he’d rather not hang out with sleazeballs. Could certainly be wrong.



Actually he said that he got a lot out of coaching with Martin, and believe they are good friends


Sure, but there are a lot of other guys in that mix.

Beilein does seem to be cool with Boeheim, so I could certainly be wrong.


Pretty sure Beilein did not coach a U18 team. Only reason that coaches do it is for recruiting and recruiting only. Shaka Smart, Sean Miller, John Calipari, and now Bill Self.

Calipari got exposed last summer but got Emmanual Quickley out of it. Shaka Smart got James Banks (who just transferred) and Jarrett Allen, and Sean Miller got at least one guy that isn’t coming to me right now. It’s a huge joke, no way D1 coaches should get this opportunity.


Right. It should either be specifically chosen high school coaches or maybe have some assistants from the NBA drop down.


A few targets invited to USA Basketball under 18 training camp



I think we will end up with 3 or 4 2019 guys. Matthew will leave and something else will give. I hope we end up with four spots to give out in 2019.Only having two would be a bummer with how many big time recruits/fits we are on right now.

I liked the idea of Reaves but only if we added carton and Wilson or some combo like that. This is probably for the better. Like people said if we added Reaves then were out on Girard and probably Watts, wouldn’t you all say? I think i’d rather have those two. Maybe not girard but def watts.

An ideal /realistic class to me would be like Wilson, Carton and Watts. I’d also like the idea of say weems a big time athlete instead of watts. Wilson and Carton are nice athletes but neither are elite. Both are very skilled, so maybe it would make sense two add those two and then an elite defender/athlete in the Mathews mold, to replace Mathews exiting… Weems fits that very well.

I’d also like to know what happened to the one kid. I can’t find his name anywhere anymore. He was mentioned on here and then on endless mortor’s as well. I really liked his game. He was very tall and long, great athlete, big time shot. 6-7 wing. Had great range. I want to see he was from Texas or somewhere down south. Sound familiar to anyone? He reminded me of a better version of Jamal Cain. Was ranked top hundred too. I haven’t heard anything about him since, but I really liked him. Can’t find him anywhere on Mattd’s site anymore. That site is kinda rough looking, and I don’t see where you can look back further on his old write ups or I’d just search for it…

2018 - Transfer - Austin Reaves

Also I agree if Its Marquette, Baylor and us then I feel really good about our chances. I’d love for this kid to drop. Imagine the future with our 3/4 rotation as Livers, Ignas, Johns, and Wilson. Thats a pretty ridiculous group/combo of talent and athletes to work with. To be able to rotate them all in and out with each other would be awesome. So much potential.


Makes me pessimistic of chances with Reaves. Right up there with Maxey at this point.

Good get for Purdue if they can get him


I will be shocked if we don’t take 3 in 2019