2019 Recruiting Notes


That’s dicey


I believe this is a new name on the board


A Zags article says that UM is involved with Isaiah Stewart. What do you think @slyboogie2 ?


Are we 100% certain that it’s not @slyboogie2 who is out there representing Michigan to Stewart?


Another name to add to the list. Don’t think he is a feasible option but there has been contact.


At any point does the article mention how the player compares to Jeenathan?


I’m fairly certain that is a misprint and they meant Michigan st. Wouldn’t you all agree? I’d obviously be thrilled, but I don’t believe its accurate.


I’ll act as bag man in this recruitment fellas. Gofundme page on the way.


We don’t need no stinking article, I got your instant analysis right here kid. Whether you want it or not!


Another name with interest (says UM has offered) is Baltimore product, James Bishop. Went 11-15 from 3 vs. Team Rio (considered one of the best, if not the best team on UA circuit)


Same caveats that always apply of offer vs interest… i just cant imagine that we have offered (doubt he has been on campus) or are even interested enough to come close to offering when we have so few spots for the class and we are in on quite few higher 4* and 5* guys.

But as always trust in JB and his recruiting if we are actually hard after the guy


Justin Moore to Villanova. Had a bit of early Michigan interest.


slightly off topic but Val Jordan just got a commitment from Tyus Battle’s baby brother. Ranked No. 96 on Rivals.


Has the dad expressed his opinion yet? We shall see how long this commit lasts


Yeah, it’s a good thing Tyus picked a higher profile program like his dad wanted. Who wants to win seven NCAA tournament games over two years, and two Big Ten tourneys, when you can win two tourney games as an #11 seed, and miss the tourney entirely the first year?


Exactly what I was thinking lol.
Butler must be big enough for his younger son.


Even thinking more about little Battle committing to play for Val makes me wonder how all these relationships have really played out and why. Val was on staff at Michigan when the whole Tyus situation went down and he had to know that the dad had a heavy hand in why they played out that way. It is very curious to me that he would even mess around with that family again unless there were some very clear specifics that are not public knowledge and things werent as shady as they seemed


Wonder what they would have won with Tyus.


That’s a good question.

I assume he would probably play the two, though it’s not out of the question he might have played the three.

If he’s a two guard, then does he beat out MAAR either last year as a freshman or this year? I’d say probably, but not for sure. At worst, then, he would be a heavy part of the guard rotation. No doubt his presence would have helped the team a lot.


Yeah, you never know. Maybe his presence changes something about the team dynamic and actually offsets his talent advantage. Just one of those “what ifs”.