2019 Recruiting Notes


No, I like him too. He was only mentioned once. I actually liked his game more than Wiliamson and almost as much as Wilson. Maybe more. He was a gunslinger from deep and really long and athletic.


I couldn’t find a separate thread here for JADEN MCDANIELS, which was reported by MattD to have Michigan interests. 6’9 wing (not sure how fake it is) from Seattle but plays like a 2G in the highlight videos. He is Juwan Howard’s cousin, and his brother named Jalen plays for SDST right now.


no it wasnt him either. its killing me. it was pretty old like three weeks ago maybe. i went through his rankings and none of the names caught my attention.


Keion Brooks?


I would be surprised if Beilein oversigned by 2 going into the season. If something happens to open up that third spot, it likely won’t happen until after the season and that might be too late to land one of our current high interest kids.


No, I know him. I did some digging. His name was Ja’ylen Withers. Loved his video. Haven’t heard about him since.


I had the same reaction, but it doesn’t fit perfectly to me…wouldn’t a guard and a wing be complementary in this class, rather than overlapping? I would think that Reaves vs. Carton vs. Girard would be a thing, but not Reaves vs. Wilson.


Haha gotta love ya, Sly. You’re the king of latching onto players that Michigan doesn’t have serious interest in.


That does seem pretty un-Beilein but I think he is adapting and is very aware of how likely attrition is. He’s pretty much sending at least one underclassman to the draft on a yearly basis. And like it or not transfers happen.

I see a roster next year with 2 very clear early entry NBA possibilities and a handful of others that would be less surprising than the DJ Wilson one year jump. It’s also a roster that is 3 deep at pretty much every position but shooting guard and it’s not too hard to envision someone wanting a change due to playing time.

Add all that to the fact that he has real actual momentum on the recruiting trail right now and I think it would be a big shame if this wasn’t a 3 man class.


A man can dream Adam, a man can dream. Seriously though, I just love recruiting news. The speculation and gossip can be as fun as the Games most the time. Hell in the nba the Offseason IS more interesting than the season which is as predictable as it gets. It’s sad because the nbas style of play and product really has improved and the talent level/ characters are as interesting as its been since the 80s but it’s just so damn predictable. Takes the fun out of it. That’s why college is still the superior game imo and what some perceive as a weakness ( less talent ) actually makes the game better. Teams can miss eight straight free throws to let a team back in a Game ect. An open 3 in the corner isn’t a gummies, ect, ect. Keeps things much more interesting even if it’s much more sloppy.

Plus the length of season is a joke in the nba. College every game matters. I’d actually prefer they play more like 40-50 reg season games but the nba is ridiculously long. They need to cut the season by 22 Games At least. 50-60 Ges would improve the nba product dramatically. 2 to 3 games a week max. Way less injuries, way more intensity, the product would be way better. Way less sitting of stars. Problem is the players would never take a pay cut. There are just way to many games where teams are on cruise control and not giving an effort. Best nba regular seasons I ever saw were both lockout years. Did but true.

Ps. I wish I had posted my original post I wrote. It was about ten long paragraphs and I somehow parlayed that initial post into an essay with topics ranged yet connected into each other on topics in my early life involving smoking too much weed, huge gambling loss tales , teddy valentine, Kelly pavlik, betting tips that work, betting on your team is a jinx, bodog, frozen accounts, Mohegan sun, paul Williams the boxer ( pre-paralysis), being hit on by a hooker after busting out playing Omaha hi lot for the first time ( on acid) and a Grateful Dead cover band.

Then I erased it because I realized all of you guys would think I’m crazier then you already do and Dylan might not appreciate anymore details then I already surmised above If this isn’t pg enough even Dylan I’ll erase even that. It was quite the rant though and I can’t stop laughing right now.


I for one would LOVE to see that essay


No one can ever convince me pavlik - Taylor 1 wasn’t fixed, that’s all I gotta say. I still am crying about that


You need to write a book: Fear and Loathing in Rochester.


Yea, no more backing up the forum with this nonsense.

Seriously though is Wilson committing or what?


He’s coming for a visit.


No way. Taylor blew it in the 2nd round when he didn’t finish and he punched himself out. After that it was all Pavlik. That KO finish was devastating and one of my favorite nights on HBO boxing and I was rooting for Taylor! I was actually at the rematch in Vegas and thought from my seat that Taylor boxed a better fight and did enough to win.


A mention from Williamson. Didn’t realize he played on the same team as Maxey.


Seems like Jaden mcdaniels blew up even more this weekend, rumblings he could be a top 10ish prospect


MattD says he would have him #1


I will say after watching the Jaden McDaniels film he posted…I agree with him that McDaniels is on a different level than Jalen Wilson. I really hope this isn’t a who commits first situation if McDaniels is interested