2019 Recruiting Notes

So many good prospects that like Michigan. Too bad that we don’t have more room.

MattD was my inspiration for finally joining this forum. I was a long time reader/someone who enjoyed Dylan and Co’s amazing content, but never really commented. We definitely had some intense disagreements over JB that encouraged me to post stuff. The fact that his name is still brought up on this board though speaks to his influence. I think in a weird way, his contributions are missed. Umhoops legend, whispered about in lore: MattD.

Endless motor is a pretty sweet site. I just have respect for the guy at this point I guess. I agree with your points, but alas, no one is perfect.

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Highlights from a game this morning of Beverly. His AAU team plays at HYPE athletic facility tomorrow at 4, 6 and 7pm. Team is loaded with d1 players so if people wanna swing through, I’ll be in the gym covering as well.


I have a gut feeling we land girard if we want him. I think there will end up being 2-3,spots for 2019. Mathews will go pro after a big year next year and then one transfer or another pro. Poole or onecof the frosh blowing up.

I think Davis will be our back up center the next three years. He won’t be leaving. Next years team even without moe is final 4 good.

Z will develop into a solid 3 ball guy along with Mathews this summer. I also predict Eli becomes a great combo guard as a back up. He is a lgoid shooter despite what we saw.

I think we add girard and then a huge 2019 pick up. We’re swinging for the fences as we should in 19. Not many spots , coming off a deep run. I think kids and the nation is starting to recognize coach b for the elite coach and developer he is. Honestly the program is on fire right now. The talent and depth we have right now is phenomenal,


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What does Foster Loyer have to do with 2019 recruiting? Why is he brought up in every thread?


Is Joe Girard projected as an actual PG or more of a tiny SG? Does he have good vision and handling?

I wouldn’t refer to him as a point guard. At least from what I’ve seen.

Right now, we have zero spots in 2019. I expect one to open with Matthews leaving after next year. I think that is all there will be. Possible a second opens up with a transfer, but I doubt it. Three signings would be a stretch.
I think Girard is down on the priority list. Would be surprised if he is our first/only signing, unless our other priorities drop us.

I have a weird feeling we add him. I’m hoping for others though. The more I watch watts the more I like him. I wonder who we are closest with / have the best shot with amongst our targets. I like the group were after. Brooks, weems or watts would be pretty exciting.

I’d really like to see a combo of watts and Brooks. Weems and watts? That would be pretty exciting following our 18 kids if it happened.

If Matthews leaves after next year that’s a really good sign I think but I think he needs to make a very big jump with his shooting, ball handling and to an extent decision making for teams to really be interested in him. By next year’s draft he’ll be 22 years old which is old by NBA Standards and in the 3 and D era I’m just not sold he’s what teams want at that position. Maybe he takes the leap necessary but I won’t be surprised if he hasn’t developed a good outside shot that he is around for two more years.

I assume that Charles is on track to graduate next year.

He should be but he’ll still have a year of eligibility left. I guess I should have stated if he leaves for the NBA because he could in theory grad transfer. I would assume though that he’s on track to graduate next year but who knows how the transfer from Kentucky affected things.

Been a while since we dove into recruiting given the NCAA Tournament run, but I pulled new video of a bunch of new 2019 targets that have popped up in recent weeks for this week’s roundup.


Interesting, the more I watch Watts the more I hope we get a plethora of other targets instead.


Jalen Wilson :heart_eyes:

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If we had a one man class of him, Brooks, Weems, or Carton I’d be very content. I like the tape of Moore, Williamson, Beverly and AGBONKPOLO too, but they’re definitely in a lower tier. Watts and Girard… it’s not that I don’t like them as prospects, because I do, but I just don’t see the same need for them as I do for the 2/3 types and I feel like the combo forwards, despite being deep there, are just better prospects.

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Thanks for the Roundup, Dylan. Gotta say, I like how Agbonkpolo moves and plays. Very smooth and a crafty finisher. Also, I’m just going to assume Purdue is recruiting Timme’s AAU teammate, the center in his highlight video.