2019 Recruiting Notes


Man, it is not hard to get excited about Williamson. Loved how comfortable he is driving left or right…



Video looked good but not sure about the competition. Very versatile but of course will need to add strength. Still not sure I would take him over Weems but may take him over Beverly and Watts.



Strange target. What space do we have for a 2019 power forward behind Livers, Iggy and Johns?


Probably recruiting as a Moe-type 5.


Evans just came back and said that Beilein wouldn’t be there for Carton but an assistant would. Marquette doing in home visit on Sunday.

Also, reported by Evans that Rocket Watts was just offered by Ole Miss and Marquette is doing an in home visit with him on Sunday (lots of miles on the private plane for Wojo).


Yep saw that but didn’t want to post another piece in this thread. Carton frequently mentions Michigan whenever he’s asked about his recruitment, despite not holding a offer.

This part is my opinion, but I feel like he is extremely interested in them and Michigan in him. He recently said in an interview that Michigan is one of the schools who he thinks have made him a major priority. Most kids would likely dismiss schools for talking so long without having a official offer, yet he still seems to be interested. If Michigan does officially offer, I think they have a solid shot at him. Not saying they’d land him for sure though. And I’ve watched him a couple times, I’d likely take him over any of the players Michigan has offered so far in 2019.


Yup, I saw over at mgoblog that Matt expressed his opinion that Carton was the prospect on our board he was most excited about. I really hope we can land him.


Yeah, he had a fair amount of misses along the way.

Recruiting is an inexact science, and no one gets them all right.

I will say MattD was always after Beilein to recruit better athletes, and focus more on defense, so he looks right on those issues.

With that said, some of the guys he really loved did not turn out to be “misses” for us.

My issues with him were twofold: (1) I felt like he was overly critical of JB, to the point where it was absurd; and (2) he was extremely arrogant at times, and often turned out to be wrong, but that never dampened his arrogance.

Also, he was adamant that our inability to land elite recruits had nothing to do with other schools’ cheating, and was instead somehow due to JB’s inability to relate to kids, and his “outdated” recruiting practices. Well . . . he looks dead wrong on that issue now. And for a guy who likes to consider himself an insider, how can you not know about that?

I did appreciate his information, though. It’s always interesting to learn about new kids, and who we might be after 2-3 years down the road.


Might not mean much but Carton was one of only two recruits who picked us to win the final said he thought JB had something up his sleeve. (Other recruit was Ethan Morton top 50 2020 kid). If Carton is a legit 6’3 then we need to get him on campus for a visit asap.


Right that was something i wasn’t sure was worthy of noting or not but privately I thought that if he’s willing to stick with Michigan publicly despite virtually everyone else picking other teams, and I think I recall he said he picked them to win it all, those are slight indications that he really likes the school.

As of last July, I’d say he wasn’t 6’3. Was closer to 6’1. But well built with a great frame that strength and conditioning coaches would love to get their hands on and continue to mold. He probably isn’t much taller than last year. Maybe a inch. But he’s got good size for a point guard with elite physical attributes. And personally, I love southpaws. Always throws a slight kink into opposing team defenses.


I like the fact that Michigan seems to be swinging for the fences with the 2019 targets. This to me is definitely the class to do it with since there is limited scholarships available and maybe only one.


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Carton looks like a bit taller than 6’1" in this highlight video. The dunk in there was ridiculous


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