2019 Recruiting Notes


He should be but he’ll still have a year of eligibility left. I guess I should have stated if he leaves for the NBA because he could in theory grad transfer. I would assume though that he’s on track to graduate next year but who knows how the transfer from Kentucky affected things.


Been a while since we dove into recruiting given the NCAA Tournament run, but I pulled new video of a bunch of new 2019 targets that have popped up in recent weeks for this week’s roundup.


Interesting, the more I watch Watts the more I hope we get a plethora of other targets instead.


Jalen Wilson :heart_eyes:


If we had a one man class of him, Brooks, Weems, or Carton I’d be very content. I like the tape of Moore, Williamson, Beverly and AGBONKPOLO too, but they’re definitely in a lower tier. Watts and Girard… it’s not that I don’t like them as prospects, because I do, but I just don’t see the same need for them as I do for the 2/3 types and I feel like the combo forwards, despite being deep there, are just better prospects.


Thanks for the Roundup, Dylan. Gotta say, I like how Agbonkpolo moves and plays. Very smooth and a crafty finisher. Also, I’m just going to assume Purdue is recruiting Timme’s AAU teammate, the center in his highlight video.


You kinda answer your own question. Because Matthews will be 22, he’ll likely not see any further benefit to returning to college, and he’ll simply make the best out of whatever situation he finds himself in. He transferred for playing time for the express purpose of getting to the NBA. He won’t wait any longer.


I’ll have to find the article but when he transfered he talked about how he always thought he was one and done, but now the NBA is not what is in his head it’s all about college and what he can do at that level. Do we know for a fact that he’ll graduate next spring? I’d assume he will but if not that likely is a factor in his decision.



He seems to play below the rim. Is he explosive at all?


He’s more of a Kyle Anderson/Justin Jackson type player than an explosive athlete.


I like him. Watts can light it up. I didn’t watch a ton of videos of him early on, so there’s that. Dry very skilled, solid athlete. I think he’d thrive in our system.

I like Wilson a lot off that video posted just now. Williamson I have to see more of. He looked good but not elite to me. Maybe I need to watch more.


Dayum! He has game. Natty.


He’s smooth, which is what you want. Deceptive athleticism.


Beilein made a point of talking about working with Matthews for another year. Take it fwiw, but it didn’t seem like something he’d say if he thought he was leaving.


We were talking about AFTER next year.



Do you find it interesting that there seems to be a lot of PG interest by Michigan? I wouldn’t have thought that was a position of need in 19


very interesting, new interest? or have we been in touch on the low for a while?


Not really, more than any position I believe the JB point guard needs at least a year to grasp the concepts. The PG is the general and it’s such a huge transition from HS. I love looking at the turn over stats for Walton,Burke and even Caris. Usually the lowest on the team and often not discussed…the JB stamp.