2019 - PG - DJ Carton (OSU Commit)


Brooks could shoot in high school too.


Charmin midget competition. Having trouble adjusting to length/size of college game. Has no one above average offensive skill IMO.

DeJulius has legitimate off the dribble scoring ability and has done it against superior HS opponents. Be surprised if it doesn’t translate.


Just seems quite early to assume DeJulius’ shooting will translate completely.


Won’t take much to best Simpson/Brooks futility.


You’re going off of a sample size of 36 shots with Brooks. That’s not even close to a sample size high enough to call his shooting “futile.” Add in Beilein’s track record with freshman-sophomore year PG jumps and writing him off is just premature.


You’ll be happy with DD. Kid can play.


I believe that, I think he’s completely underrated nationally. I also think there’s unknowns involving a potential Brooks jump, a Simmons struggle from DeJulius, Simpson getting a legit shot and demanding Walton type minute (probably the least likely thing here, but you never know), etc.


Rooting for Brooks, just can’t have two PGs unable to make an open shot. DeJulius will have a big opportunity IMO.


Did anyone notice the surge of crytal balls for Carton last night and through this morning? i think five or six of them came in for us. I’m diggin it.


Absolutely. CB’s coming in for both Wilson and Carton.


gotta love it. those two in combo with our 18 kids has me stoked. I really hope we end up with one or two more spots to fill in 19. I’m feeling our momentum and targets. Two top ten classes back to back with kids who will be there 3-4 years plus the Beilein touch and we could have two more final fours in our future.


I believe that beilein will open up the rotation more next year than the past season, and more so in 19.

X will return with a better jumper, Brooks hopefully gets his confidence back and can contribute solid minutes at 1 and 2. DD needs to learn the offense, which is not given. but he could see minutes in a role as an off-guard, like how Walton played as a freshman



Wow!! That’s impressive


He plays with a certain attitude.


Big fan. Would be an awesome addition



Lol, dude is such a homer and clearly not very knowledgable about hoops if you’re going to call Xavier a top ten program…


Some raw game highlights yesterday of DJ & Quad City taking on phenom universe, one of the top 16u teams in the country with multiple top 100 2020 & 2021 players. Dj had 27.


Is Carton playing 16u?