2019 - PG - DJ Carton (OSU Commit)


No the Phenom 16u team is playing 17u this weekend in the NY2LA event.


I love how Carton gets to the rim. Slippery and a great finisher.


Quad City, DJ’s team, won the entire tourney. He had back to back 28 point games in the semis and title game.


Michigan: “I’m planning to go on a visit. [Coach Luke Yaklich] and I, we’ve been talking often, so we have a really strong relationship and they’re supporting me so it’s always good to hear from them. They had a great season, making it to the national championship. I feel like every school is recruiting me for a priority.’


kind of old news


Bump. Let’s go DJ!


Brooks has to improve a lot to contribute next year but I wouldn’t write him off yet. He is in line for the Sanderson-Sophomore leap. Hopefully he continues a line of players who have made huge strides their second years in the program. He will have a big leg up in that regard on Dejulius.


Agree. I hope to see Brooks getting major minutes, especially early in the season, at both the 1 and 2 position.


I agree that he still could make a leap. I’m definitely not writing him off like others might. I do wish he had stayed for the extra sessions with JP and Livers to work on his game and train with Sand man. I think it could’ve benefited him more than most.


Brooks is an afterthought unless he finds his shot.


Carton making mid-August decision per 247


Brooks started early in the season as a true freshman, and that speaks a lot about him knowing the system. He will be the primary back-up at both 1-2 next season until DD comes along. I will not write him off at all.


i am sure that he is not staying home doing nothing, and is getting proper coaching just as X is getting.


I called it!


I agree he isn’t at home doing nothing, but I wasn’t sure if he had a personal trainer that he constantly worked with like Burke, X and Dejulius do. Never seen anything about it like I have with the others. Makes a world of difference.


If I recall correctly, his dad was his high school coach.


Our roster would be absolutely littered with top 25-100 kids…
This is what “the complainers”, aka me and others, have been waiting for. Program has never been better/healthier.


Tbh, I was not 100% sold on how the future would be with JB after the 2017 season because I found the D Walt explosion as something fluky that was basically impossible to replicate.

This last season and the recruiting trajectory starting from 2017 and on has gotten me completely confident in the team for the rest of JB’s tenure. If we land Carton, we’ll have enough talent for a long while to really completely reestablish Michigan as a tier 2 basketball power.


I was sold after 2012 until they couldn’t recruit/land talent consistently.

Walton’s Sr year re-sold me. Now they’re just stockpiling talent.

As long as J.B. has talent we will win big. He was handicapping himself, not anymore. Beilein’s evolution & growth when it comes to hiring assistants, prioritizing defense and recruiting has been a joy to watch.


Wow, you are a hard man to convince.