2019 - PG - DJ Carton (OSU Commit)


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Final Recap of his weekend performance:


Carton reminds me a bit of HS Derryck Thornton Jr…



Marquette is consistently in on the same guys we are or in-state guys in general. Is there any connection to cause that?


I think it’s probably because theyre a good but not great midwestern program and wojo probably looks for a similar type of talent / kid in general in terms of fit for his program. It’s kinda like he recruits kids that would be fits at duke which coach b recruits a lot like but like us Marquette can’t pull the elite top 5 star kids who fit that mold that duke does so he shoots for those nice 4 stars or high three star talents that we shoot for that fit the program. Plus he’s in the Midwest too so me guess after the Michigan , Illinois, Indiana and Ohio kids. I’ve noticed that too though. He always seems to be hard after the same kids we are .

I didn’t follow it though but how did former targets Cain and Elliot look. I know there were a lot of debate and talk about them on here. Did they look good? Did they even play? Interesting to see in a few years what they look like in comparison to who we took. Xavier use to seem to have a lot of overlaps too but they seemed like a radically different culture thAn us or maquette even . Wonder if that keeps up or if they fall off with out mack.


I like our chances In that group of 6. Not that this matters but carton is the one kid who picked us to beat nova right ? Then said something like “ I’m not surely but I think beilein will have something up his sleeve.” That makes me feel pretty good. Means he probably was rooting for us and really respects and knows how great coach b is.

Also zavier will be a senior when he comes. Poole a junior unless he really blows up next year ( I think Poole develops enough to leave after junior year) Brooks is up in the air and than dejulius and Nunez. By the time carton comes Simpson will be in his last year , Poole will be too imo , and then he’s fighting for back up minutes for one year with dejuius and brooks basically. Maybe not even brooks if he leaves ( I actually think brooks has a nice year this year and stays as our first guard off the bench as a combo) I think this is a situation you can sell carton on and he comes. By his soph year he could be the starting pg or sg whichever we need him at and he could potentially get big minutes as a frosh if he earns it.


I don’t know enough about the other programs, but I think you hit on the one thing that actually might hurt us: we’ll have a senior PG who will be very hard to displace. I think our selling point is that if he’s good enough (which I think he is) he can earn whatever playing time he gets, either as a backup 1 or alongside at the 2. I honestly thinks he’s good enough to be a major contributor as a freshman at Michigan, but might have more PT readily available at the other schools.


Could Carton play the two? I thought I saw somewhere that he might project to be more of a shooting guard than point guard in college but I could be misremembering.


I think he can play the 2 in college easily. If he makes the NBA, he’d be a 1. No matter what, we know he’d be in good hands at Michigan. Just not sure what others are offering.


Both got minutes, I think they played every game. I didn’t get to watch as much of them as I’d liked but looking at their stats I think they’ve got nice careers ahead of them there.

As for Carton, I think he’d definitely have the opportunity to play the one and two here. Whether he starts day one is another question and one that I think has the answer in whether or not Poole develops enough to go pro after next year which I’m inclined to say he has two more years here, but if it’s only one I’ll be happy for him. As mentioned, it’ll be tough for him as a freshman to displace Zavier on day one, plus of course you have Brooks and DeJulius also already here as well.


That’s a selling point…that our proven starter is a senior.


I feel like after Zavier and Teske are graduated we will have a roster full of guys that are interchangeable at the 1-2 spots that can get to the basket while everyone at 3-5 can shoot the 3…That’ll be so nice.


They will have some serious versatility!


Carton is a serious defender as well. He will push for immediate playing time year one.


Just out of curiosity in a dream world where we land Carton and everyone stays…how would people see playing time shaking out between Carton, Simpson, Dejulius and Brooks? Z would be a senior 2 year returning starter with final four experience. I just don’t see how there’s playing time for all those guys


If Brooks takes a step up his sophomore year and takes major minutes at the 1 and 2 then it might be a dog fight for minutes between the three non starters. And there might not be many minutes at the 2 as I see Poole locking up most of those minutes.


Unless Brooks finds his 3 ball, he’s the odd man out. DeJulius can shoot.