2019 - PG - DJ Carton (OSU Commit)


I have not seen him in person so won’t try to judge that. I’m sure we can find like 8 different photos of him standing next to people at different angles and try to deduce his height though :slight_smile:


Shades of the conspiracy theories on Beilein’s height…


I understand MattD measured Coach B both with and without shoes! :smiley:


Carton’s got legitimate hops. He’s very explosive.



I hope snow is correct.He is my favorite guard we offered in this class. I think hes a perfect fit. Anthony or Maxey would be preferred but not by much. In fact I might take Carton over Maxey to be honest. Carton will be here for a few years too so he might be the better commit for the program long run. Man if we start the 19 class with Carton Ill be very, very excited. Kids gonna be a monster.


Apparently the word out of his high school is that Carton has made his decision.


Has Carton even visited yet?


I believe Dylan mentioned that he visited for a football game many moons ago



Also there has been a lot of talk that Carton is trending to be a 5 Star ranked player. Might land two 5 Star players, man. :scream:


Who is the 2nd???


Jalen Wilson. He’s borderline on the composite but he’s 15 on 247


. . . and found him wanting.


It is exciting, for sure, but let’s not get out over our skis.


Link @ReegsShannon!?


He visited last year. Post is from IG with he and Jalen Rose.


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Thanks Dylan.

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One of those things where people are used to doing more so the easier way becomes more difficult :slight_smile: