2019 - PG - DJ Carton (OSU Commit)


Coach B wants kids who REALLY want to come to Michigan. I am sure he told DJ to be sure before committing, to finish the process, if you will. Now, there are those who would criticize Coach B for not “closing” on DJ when he had the chance. “I was ready to commit the next day.” “But the more I thought about it…”

I personally am not in the “Coach B can’t close” camp. Coach B knows what he wants, and he’s had a lot of success with the system and methods he uses. Five star recruits? Not so much. National Championship games, players being drafted, uh yeah, quite a bit.

Let’s see who JB gets with that scholarship he offered to DJ. Let’s see how that player fits what we have and what JB is looking for. Just my two cents, and seriously not a criticism of anyone, or of anyone’s disappointment in not getting DJ Carton.


Beilein can’t close? As among people who really follow UM and aren’t trolls?


Of course Beilein can close, but I’ve read too many criticisms over the years, and yes, on here, too. Not lately, of course, but I’ve certainly read them. Maybe those folks are all gone from the forum.

I’ve personally ALWAYS been a supporter of Coach B, and a great admirer of his. There is truly not a coach I would rather have right now. Yeah, he CAN close, but more than that, he’s honest, squeaky clean even, and he wants kids to be sure of the choice they are making.


Holtmann is going to be a problem.


If this doesn’t happen he’ll have his own problems:

“Year One: Win Big Ten Freshman of the Year.
Year Two: Win the Naismith Men’s College Player of the Year and a national championship.
Year Three: Play in the NBA.”


Holtmann a dynamic salesman. He went “all in” on Carton early and the wooing paid off in the end.

It’s all about relationships and feeling the love in most of these recruitments. Holtmann won this round.


Well, we had a coach (Tommy Amaker) who used to go “all in” on certain players. When they didn’t come here, we were left holding the bag.

I’m pretty happy with the job JB is doing on the recruiting trail. The past two classes have been very good, and 2019 is off to a good start as well.

Ultimately, what matters is how the team performs on the court. If Holtmann has a run like we’ve enjoyed from 2013-2018 (two NCAA title games, an Elite Eight, a Sweet Sixteen, nine NBA players), that will be pretty impressive. I’m not saying he can’t do it, but it won’t be easy, either.


Nobody wins every “all in” recruitment. Holtmann prioritized Carton early and built a great relationship with him.

He sold him on his plan and Carton bought in.



Dumb question: is it not a recruiting violation for Russell to have hit him up?


Listened to Dan Dakisch talking with Gene Keady. Dakisch said Andrew Dakisch feels he had a role in getting a recent recruit to commit to Buckeyes. Probably Carton??? Andrew thinks he’s the new Calipari according to his dad :slight_smile:


In my view, “his plan” consisted of telling Carton what he wanted to hear. He doesn’t have to deliver on his plan, he just had to get Carton to buy it.


Not worried about holtman yet.


I always find it funny when coaches use players that they didn’t coach in their recruiting pitch. Selling him as the next Conley and Russell when he had nothing to do with them or their success.


It worked.


Snippet related to Michigan:

It helped that Ohio State, unlike Michigan, will be light on point guards next year and should allow Carton to have the ball a lot as a freshman. It also helped that Ohio State, unlike Michigan, embraced the idea that Carton — if he develops the right way — could be an early departure for the NBA after a few years.

Ohio State laid out a three-year plan for Carton, modeled after the path of former Duke guard Jason Williams. Schrage was the recruiting coordinator and director of basketball operations at Duke from 1999-2008. Like Williams, Carton wants to get into broadcasting when his career is over. The plan was:

  1. Win Big Ten Freshman of the Year, a conference championship and make the Sweet 16 in year one.

  2. Be an All-American and national champion in year two.

  3. Be National Player of the Year, a graduate and an NBA lottery pick after year three.

Ultimately looks like he just wasn’t a culture fit. Wanted a promise and guarantee that he’d be Freshman-year Burke right away, which Beilein is never gonna do.

I find the 1,2,3 list pretty hilarious in a multitude of ways though.


Would be tough to achieve his freshman year plan with Zavier Simpson checking him in practice every day.


Will also be tough to achieve some of those goals with Zavier Simpson checking him in B10 games next year. :stuck_out_tongue:


Also it isn’t like there is really another PG on the Ohio State roster, so not exactly tough to make that promise.


I’m also confused why Carton is back for year 3 after being an All-American national champion in year two.



Comparing his situation to a one time situation that happened 15 years ago at DUKE.