2019 - PG - DJ Carton (OSU Commit)


Get Cole Anthony on the line


Pretty crazy to me that Carton was scared off by the guards we have on the roster right now. Just very weird.


It is pretty weird, but I think the guards we have on the roster, and the PG coming in this year, are pretty good. I’ll wait until he actually announces, but if it is OSU, I hope it works out for him, though not when OSU plays Michigan, but I KNOW things will work out for us. :slightly_smiling_face:



Always disappointing to lose a recruiting battle, especially to a Big Ten main rival, but Michigan has plenty of other talented targets as well to hopefully soften the blow.


Listen, this is not sour grapes. DJ has made his choice. He WANTS to go to OSU. I wish him well, except when they play Michigan, and seriously, have fun trying to do your thing against the best defensive PG in the country during your freshman year when you DO play Michigan. We want players who WANT to play for Michigan. I am absolutely certain that is the way Coach B feels.

Of course we would have preferred that he choose Michigan, but only if he really wanted to come to Michigan. We will be fine with the PGs we have on the roster for the next two years, and we’ll pick up another great one in the 2020 class. In the meantime, we have an opening in the 2019 class. I am confident Coach B and staff will fill that spot with an outstanding player. Go Blue!


As of 4pm est today I doubt it. Check back in a couple of hours.


Maybe he just liked the thought of starting from game one. Or holtmann better. Or liked Columbus better.

Plenty of reasons.


Beverly. Beilein was at both games Wednesday/Thursday. Saddi is here until they lose this weekend.


Absolutely. Not as simple as some are suggesting.


Frankly, I think we’ll find another Plan A prospect. I honestly believe we need another two guard who can come in and play right away if JP goes after this year, and provide valuable minutes if he doesn’t. Or a combo guard who is VERY comfortable playing the two, someone who says, “Hey, I’ll play anywhere they want me to play.” Oh, and one who says, “I really WANT to come to Michigan!”


I will never understand how people think it can be so insane for a player to choose any school over another. Maybe they just liked School X, Coach Y, or Player Z better? How did you choose which college you wanted to go to at 17?


You think Michigan will offer Beverly soon and if so, do they have a good shot at landing him?


Absolutely. It’s pretty impossible to get into the head of a 17 year old and truly understand what motivates them. I’m just not that upset about this. He wanted to go to OSU, for whatever reason. Let’s move on. We’ll be fine. Good luck to the kid, except when they play Michigan.


I’m sure he’s a good kid, but the second you become a buckeye, I immediately dislike you. Hope he has an injury-free career, but hope he also sucks really badly.


Gonna start from day one. Not really that hard a sell when you look at the rosters. OSU has no PG…

Kids love Holtmann. He’s gonna be a problem.


Beverly has visited countless times in the past 2 years. He was very interested in them last year when he was beginning to blow up. Michigan has sort of slow played him because they were going all out for Carton and Beverly noticed that. Not saying it’s impossible but they got a lot of work to do. Baylor, Xavier, Texas and a couple other schools have been steadily consistent in prioritizing him and that’s relevant. If Michigan does miss out on Beverly, I’m not sure who they would go for next.


Well, I like both Josh Green and Lester Quinones, and I think Coach B has been watching both of them lately.



“At first, I had my official visit to Ohio State was scheduled for September,” Carton said. “I went to Michigan and really enjoyed it. I was ready to commit the next day, but I thought more about it and was able to get the Ohio State date moved up between Michigan and Indiana."

:frowning_face: :frowning_face: