2019 - PG - DJ Carton (OSU Commit)


The list is dumb for sure. but ultimately it boils down to Carton being more or less a guarantee to start from day 1. If that’s what he wants he made the right choice. Also the line about Michigan not embracing that he could be an early entrant seems off base considering the large amount of early entrants we’ve had from players of Carton’s ranking and below.


I’d guess there’s a subtle difference in how the pitch goes/sounds? It seems like Beilein has said in the past that he pitches guys on being a student-athlete and wants guys who are there to immerse themselves in the college experience, and that he will help them make the best NBA decision but that he isn’t pitching Michigan to explicitly be an NBA factory. I believe that he pitches that he will develop you like [insert player here] and that he has a track record of putting guys into the NBA early, but he doesn’t say stuff like “I want you to be a 2 and done player NPOY All-American National Champion”. Also, no guarantees.


Yeah that brand of recruiting just comes across as a little bit of a cheesy used car salesman pitch. Especially when you’re pitching things you can’t control like awards. Works for a lot of coaches though I suppose. I really appreciate the authentic way Beilein does things. We are going to develop you like ____ and if you work hard, you will win a lot of games and your goals will come to you.


So Holtmann promised Carton he will be the most decorated player in Big Ten history? What planet does anyone involved on either side of this pitch live on if they actually believe all three of those things will happen.

Shit…even if Carton came to Michigan and sat behind X, if he’s THAT good…he’s gone after his sophomore year anyway like the last two All American level point guards that JB had.


This comment may not age well, and I’ll be the first to admit it if it comes to pass…

But, I can’t wait to see Sr. Zavier Simpson in his matchup with FR hot-shot DJ Carton next year, particularly after last night. They probably left that education out of the three year plan.


Ultimately, OSU sold him on something they’ve actually never done as a coaching staff. Beilein developed Trey Burke into exactly what OSU says they’ll do with Carton.

I think he would’ve been a great fit and would’ve played significant minutes next year if he picked up the offense.


He would have played over Brooks right away.


DJ needs to keep his ego in check. He sounds borderline narcissistic.


I have to give the young man a pass…he’s young and impressionsable; perhaps! I strongly believe Z would have made him better everyday in practice…might not score for the first month of practice like DDJ. JB is all about fit and culture…TEAM, TEAM TEAM!!!

Good luck to the young man, earn it!


Overdose of swag.


I don’t think you can hold a recruiting pitch against a kid. I didn’t read the whole article, but I don’t think there’s anything unique about that pitch. Outlining how a player can graduate in three years, win titles and make the NBA. That’s basically the pitch everywhere.


I mean, it’s good to dream big. I’m sure JB sells people on following the path of Nik or Trey or THJr of Wagner…


Recruiting is salesmanship. That’s not surprising he bought their pitch. He’s a kid.


Let’s be honest. Carton was only worried about year 1 and knew Simpson would keep him from starting. The rest is garbage since it’s Beilein, not Holtmann, who has put multiple guards in the NBA after 2 years.


Honestly, if I’m a high level recruit one of the biggest factors going into a decision would be playing time. And with X and JP, not a lot of minutes available. And the whole three year plan thing comes across more as motivation to achieve goals/ show a kid what they wanna accomplish than narcissism.


I just think there’s a contradiction between “Ohio State promised early playing time and Michigan didn’t” and “Ohio State gave Carton a 3 year plan”. Heck, I would be shocked if Carton stuck around for 3 years at Michigan, even with sitting in year one. If he’s going to be All-American, national champ, starting from day one good, it shouldn’t take 3 years to be a lottery talent.


I don’t see a contradiction. More playing time at Ohio equals a chance to meet the 1st and 2nd year goals. If he truly is all american in year 2, I agree that he’ll be gone. But tougher to be a 2 and done in year two if you play nominal minutes in year 1.


It’s more that the article contradicts itself by suggesting Beilein didn’t have a similar plan, when he’s had players leave after 2 years. Mo Bamba also said that Beilein gave him a plan to be one and done. A three year plan for a top 50 player, advertised as expediting his path to the NBA, is a joke.


This article is a total BS, Carton picked Ohio State because he has chance to play full time PG, which is unavailable to him at Michigan. It is a fair consideration and a fair choice. The whole three year plan for POY thing is literally a joke.There is no other way to put it.


To get his degree I would imagine.