2019 - PG - DJ Carton (OSU Commit)


The board is heating up and I’m by no means an expert, but I do know this. If any guard, including DJC turns the ball over in practice…coach will not trust him to manage the team. To me the answer has always been in the TO category. You want to play…don’t throw it away! Go back and check the PG numbers and you’ll probably find UM in the top five schools for PG A/TO’s ratio in the past ten years, maybe 20! Freshman or any transfer are not allowed to turn the ball over…ask Charles! That’s one reason why Poole lost minutes…lost possessions are critical to team success! GO BLUE! I


Yes, Trae was over-extended half-way into the season, and could’ve benefited from an experience back-up who also plays tough defense. Sexton, like Young, carries his team. It is not if they would’ve start over senior Walton, they should start over senior Walton. There is a big talent gap between one and done and 4 year player. X is a 4 year player. If Carton is one and done, he should beat X for the job half way into the season.


Well, I’ll respectfully disagree. By the end of his senior year, Walton was playing some of the best basketball of any player in the country, and he was extremely efficient. I don’t see any freshmen who would have been playing ahead of him.

Anything’s possible, but I think you’re really underestimating Z’s ability to run the team, and his defense, and what that means to our success.

I’m not saying Carton won’t play a lot of minutes; he will. I just think it’s very unlikely he unseats Z as the starter, especially if the team continues to experience a lot of success this year and Z is a big part of it.


Probably means what we assumed. OSU isn’t that serious of a contender


Definitely interesting, but it is also possible to jump back and forth between Augusta and Columbus if you fly private. Coaches don’t spend all 48 hours of an official visit with a prospect.


And hes back in Cbus as of 5:30PM




Not looking good, friends.

Damn. I really really wanted this one.


Why do you say that?


Good reasons


We just got bates-diop’d


Sounds like Ohio State. Should be announced today.


Big time bummer, but I guess that i would rather him be at OSU than IU. Adding Carton on top of their 18 class would be tough


He has an easy path to playing time at OSU. They also have a top 50 wing already committed. It’s not a bad landing spot. Just frustrating. Luckily, it’s a position I’m fairly confident in filling and developing.


Idk osu already has gaffney and is also are the favorite for E.J. Liddell. Osu is going be very good going forward.


Really doesn’t make any sense, but okay


So who is the plan B here - Rocket?


Definitely thought Indiana would be the biggest competition in this one… OSU is selling hope and Michigan is selling results… oh well


I’d love to land Rocket… he beat out Carton for a spot on the USA team