2019 - PG - DJ Carton (OSU Commit)


They’ll potentially try to sell him on that, but again, Walker and Muhammad are there to play PG.

It’s what they were recruited for.

But again, if he sticks with HIS criteria, OSU is the least likely to win big anytime soon. They have a couple nice pieces but it’s dosent match what UM or IU is putting in the court (potentially).

I just don’t think Carton can say no to Michigan, Jalen Wilson and particularly, Coach Beilein.


Muhammad is not even in Cartons league as a potential lead guard. Have you ever seen him play?


Ohio state can comfortably promise Carton that he will start from day one. IU, to less degree, can make a similar promise. Coach Beilein will not make that promise, but he can promise that Carton will be treated fairly in competition as he always does to everyone, and whoever is the best player will play. Another selling point would be to face X, an elite defender if not the best, everyday in practice.


I wonder how strong the correlation is between tournament success and top 20-40 guys making the NBA…I say it because I think it is a safe bet we will have a lot of tournament success over Carton’s Freshman and Sophmore years.


X and Carton would not overlap.

He’s compete with sophomore DeJulius and junior Brooks.


How would they not overlap? Carton will be a freshman when X is a senior.


Well good players often make their teams good.

That said, the NBA is hardly beyond drafting guys whose teams flop out (Ayton) or don’t make it Fultz, Simmons).


Ugh I got confused


I just wonder about the extent team success has on bumping draft stock–specifically the bump the players in the 20-40 range might receive as a result of team success…The top players, like the ones you listed, can’t screw up their chances at the NBA. Team performance is not a factor. Ayton was aware of this fact, I think…


How can they comftorably promise that when they have Walker and Mohamed on the roster?


Clearly the JB early entry bump is going to claim Z next.


Because neither is a PG, and Carton is better than both. He’d easily start from day one.

OSU wants him to run the show immediately. They’ll pull out all the stops on his official visit.

I wouldn’t rule them out if he hits it off with Holtmann.

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AAU team: Quad City Elite

Since April, Carton has exploded to become one of the best point guards in 2019 — some would argue he is the best. He recently trimmed his college choices down to Michigan, Indiana and Ohio State, and a decision is expected within the next couple weeks. The 6-2 lefty has no significant flaw in his game. He’s a lock-down defender. He’s a high-flying athlete with a 39-inch vertical. He can finish among the trees with the best of them, and he can pile up points at all three levels. He’s got eyes in the front, back and sides of his head to make plays for his teammates. And, at 195 pounds, he’s quite strong for his height. Carton is a legitimate five-star player. Rivals just bumped him up to No. 17 in the country. 247Sports has him ranked No. 20.

-Matthew Bain


His already been on osu’s campus twice, I doubt they can show him very little of anything he already hasn’t seen


Official is where he gets to see film and how he would potentially fit in Holtmann run offense.

They’ll go after him with every angle conceivable.

It really comes down to personal relationships in the end. Like it almost always does in these.


You’re really selling OSU here.


Ok, we’ll I think you’re wrong.


They’ve got the cleanest path to early major minutes, but again, it’ll come down to personal relationships in the end.

That should clearly lead to us.


Deep breaths and this quote are giving me optimism. Really hoping OSU or IU havent pulled something out of their ass

"(Beilein) is a down to earth guy. He’s probably the most truthful guy you’ve ever met. So, I’ve talked to him about some of the situations out of Michigan and stuff like that. And he’s all truthful. So I mean I feel like I’ve been talking to him for a while. It took a while for me to even get an offer from him and that just shows something, like how important it is (to him), and stuff. So I have a really strong relationship with Coach Yak and Coach Beilein and them, down there, and I can’t wait to go back to Ann Arbor. I started talking to (Yaklich) maybe a year ago. He used to coach at Illinois State and there was a connection there. So, I started talking to him and you know he’s a big defensive guy. He really likes my defense and stuff. So, me and him really kind of connect and he liked to talk about the Celtics. He’s a big Celtics fan, so we really kind of talk about the game a lot and he has a really smart mind with it.”


There’s no doubt landing this kid would be a great get, and could really make this an elite roster in 2019 and beyond.

With that said, I feel like we’re in a great position because I’m confident DeJulius has the talent to be very good, and I’m confident we’ll land another PG in 2020 (Zeb Jackson, Jalen Terry as two possibilities).

Getting Carton would be awesome, but if we don’t for whatever reason, the next few seasons still look very promising.

I’ll say this, though - if we get him, I feel confident predicting we’ll make a Final Four and perhaps beyond.