2019 - PG - DJ Carton (OSU Commit)


If he firmly wants to be a one and done, his final 3 schools don’t really show it. Noah Vonleh and DAngelo Russell are the only two one and dones since 2009 from Indiana and OSU. I feel like if that was something he knows is a goal, he would draw out the recruitment and let the blue bloods come in but it doesn’t appear that is the plan. But I’m also weirdly optimistic about this recruitment mostly because of the Crystal Balls and Sam’s gut


Let me get everyone in the head of a top level recruit. They and their people generally don’t care what else is on the team. They think they are good enough to get a ton of time right away regardless of who is there. Many of them say they want to play with other elite guys without ever thinking of the competition for minutes. Heck, Jalen Wilson will have an interesting time getting minutes with the wings Beilein has brought in lately.

Maybe DJ and his camp are different, but he has to see a lot of competition at each of the schools that he is looking at.


Has Sam’s “gut” officially weighed in?


Good point, I don’t think so lol. I took his last update as a pretty positive one if DJ would cut his list in the near future. One week later he cut his list.


I think development is actually what still has IU in the race Ed Schilling is renowned for his guard development.

And in regards to playing time Archie has in the past played with 2 PGs. As of right now i would expect DJ to start for sure.


Fair point…I guess my stance is that I think DJ is good enough - if he was given the reins to OSU or IU in year 1 - he could probably put up numbers to be considered for the draft. Whereas here, I just don’t see many scenarios where he puts up “draftable” numbers in year 1.

But to your point, I’m probably overstating the chances that one-and-done is much of a factor in his decision making.


And Thomas Bryant


Played two years. Second was utterly forgettable because of crean though


You’re right, my bad


I am glad to say buckets arguments are winning me over. Carton is a helluva a player and I am now beginning to believe that we have a very good chance of landing him. I think he would be as big of a recruit as JB has ever landed.


McGary was easily the biggest ever landed. He was #2 in the country at the time he committed and announced on ESPN. Although he fell a little in the rankings by the time they were finalized, I think he’d still be the biggest fish.

Carton might be #2 though right up there with Iggy. GR3 was probably the highest ranked in the end, but at the time he committed he was a 3 star without much competition.


Coach Beilein’s first 25-30 years he had zero first round picks. When Beilein first came to M he was subjected to the same criticism. I find the argument uninspiring.


I think what I posted acknowledges the difference between where Holtmann/Miller are and Beilein is in terms of their career arc.

Beilein has, however, established he can do it. The others have not, yet.


Yeah I just don’t think it means much. Holtman and Miller are fine basketball coaches


And it was and still is (for the others) a 100% a legitimate criticism when the ultimate goal is the NBA for most of these guys. Even when Langford goes in the lottery you can still point at the lack of actually developing a first rounder.


Talk about a team desperately needing a PG, it’s Ohio State.


I’m with mgl on this. There is a difference between being fine basketball coaches and potentially doing it vs being a great basketball coach and actually having done it! Sorry if that response doesn’t “inspire” you JJ3. :wink:


They signed Jackson in ‘16 & Luther Muhammad last cycle. LM wants to play PG. They aren’t in desperate need.


Nope does not inspire.

What Coach Beilein has done in the last 5 to 6 years is inspiring. He’s phenomenal. Facts speak for themselves. His accomplishments stand on their own.


In 19-20 they are desperate, believe me. C.J. Jackson is terrible and is a senior this year.

That is why Carton has been priority number one for a long time. He is a dynamic lead guard and entirely comfortable running a team.

Their “potential” PGs for 19-20 are all pseudo combo guards who have none of Cartons on ball skills or dynamics.

C.J. Walker ( Fla St transfer ), Luther Muhammad and even Duane Washington are all off ball players, that are just stop gap fill ins in a pinch.

It’s laughable that Muhammad is being portrayed as a PG. Not even close.

OSU is all in on Carton and it’s almost guaranteed he starts at PG from day one. Let’s hope “last visit” euphoria fades quickly.

I know he’s already taken at least one unofficial to OSU, prior to this weeks official. I wouldn’t discount their chances at all.