2019 - PG - DJ Carton (OSU Commit)


Third times the charm. After Jaylen Brown and Tyus Battle, I think we’re due.


You and Reegs may be correct in your concern. Frankly, I’ve thought of that, too. Reegs’ concern resonates a bit with me, too. It seems to me, maybe I’m wrong, but I think, DJ said some really nice things to the local Iowa press about the Hawkeyes and Fran McCaffery…before he cut them from his list. So, we’ll see. A little over two weeks.

As much as is allowed I hope our coaches stay very connected with him and keep selling. I hope Jalen Wilson keeps selling. I hope Isaiah and Jordan keep selling. And I don’t know what Jalen Rose or Desmond Howard are allowed to do, but…well, they have pretty big time broadcasting jobs. :slightly_smiling_face:


Michigan has as many NCAA tournament wins in the last 2 years as Indiana does in the last decade combined


share the same concern and I can see where IU fans get their confidence.


I don’t get how IU fans are so arrogant on twitter. There are literally kids who can now legally drive that weren’t born the last time they played in a Final Four.


C Webb as well, not to mention the non-athlete alums like Adam Schefter or Rich Eisen.


One would think, but I’m old enough for my brain to have fully developed, unlike a teenager, that one would look at the number of first round draft picks Beilein has helped at Michigan (7?) compared to Holtmann/Miller combined (0) and reach a conclusion about who you KNOW can produce NBA talent. Not to say Holtmann and Miller can’t/won’t, and they admittedly haven’t been at schools conducive to doing so, but it’s a risk. There is no risk with Beilein.


I was going to say C Webb, too, but he has a few folks on here who don’t much care for him, and I didn’t want to get into that debate…again. I’ve listened to Chris and I like him.


Sure seems like ‘fit’ and coaching should be factors in Michigan’s favor. Cant help but to wonder if Simpson is the real hangup. I have no doubt that JB told Carton that if he plays/practices better, then Carton will get the minutes. But Simpson is basically guaranteed to be a returning senior, in 2019. CJ Jackson will have just graduated, and Devonte Green isn’t that good (feel free to correct me, if he isnt their presumptive starting pg in 2019)


In addition to what he could do for and at Michigan, and what Michigan and Coach B could do for him if he were to choose us, another reason I hope DJ comes to Michigan is the, I think unfounded, arrogance of the IU fans.


I really think the point guard depth is similar at both schools. Simpson is very solid, great defender/leader and I absolutely love that he’s our starting PG right now, but he’s still not necessarily a guy that a potential McDonalds All American point guard worries about.

Indiana will have Devonte Green (7 points, 2 assists per game) as a senior, Aljami Durham (19 minutes per game last year) as a junior, and Robert Phinisee (4 star incoming recruit) as a sophomore.

Michigan will have senior Simpson (7 points, 3 assists per game), Brooks and Dejulius.

Carton will have to compete for the spot either way


I’ve thought of that, too. If DJ outplays Z in practice, he will play. Perhaps not as a starter right away, but he’ll play and have the opportunity to start when he proves he should be the starter. That is the way Coach B does it. No promises, but there is a history of players who prove themselves playing significant minutes and eventually starting, even as freshmen, if the prove they deserve that opportunity.

Perhaps DJ is being promised the keys to the program from the time he steps foot on campus at IU. I hope he understands, and appreciates, the complete honesty of Coach B as opposed to some of those “other” coaches.


I think we also have to account for running the offense when considering the “better” pg. I can’t see an incoming freshman have a better feel for the offense than senior X. All discernible metrics (e.g. shooting, speed etc) may point to Carton but defense and making the “right” play is going to be very difficult to top X.

That being said, there may be a lot of position fluidity still on that team that you might be able to play Carton and X simultaneous for long stretches


I’ll offer up a “situational comparison” of sorts…2016 Villanova. They returned senior Ryan Arcidiacono coming off 30 MPG, and sophomore Phil Booth coming off 14 MPG as point guard options. Freshman Jalen Brunson still came in and saw 24 MPG right away. (This team also had Josh Hart and Mikal Bridges)

I could easily see Carton getting a similar role in year 1 alongside Simpson/Dejulius for stretches. Then when Simpson graduates it’s open season for the starting job and Carton will have every opportunity to be THE guy if he’s good enough in year 2.


I think that you are underselling what X brings to the team by burying him in metrics. He is never going to WOW you with his stat line but his leadership, defense and knowledge of the game are very high level. He is supposed to be a captain this year right?


I’m not trying to undersell X. But there were times this season when the offense was not working and X was a major part of it. He was severely limited on that end. He improved tremendously before the end of the year and I believe he will continue to. Captain + elite defense, no doubt he’s going to be a major part of the team in 2 years.

I’m just saying Carton’s not walking into a spot where he will see zero PT as a freshman. And I don’t believe the PG depth at Michigan is thaaaat much stronger than it is at Indiana right now


That seems about right. I just see X being the only/largest hurdle to securing a commitment from Carton.

Your situational comparison is apt and i truly hope that he sees all the other benefits of coming here in addition realizing that there truly will be opportunities to play a significant role his freshman year. I still think he goes IU - but part this is hedging so I am not so disappointed if he doesnt come and be pleasantly surprised if he does


I would not say 0 PT, but very limited time at PG his first year. Carton can play off X, but X cannot play off Carton. DD and Carton can definitely share the ball.


I am in 100% agreement with your concerns, and my gut keeps telling me this one may be too good to be true.

I feel like it basically comes down to whether the kid has aspirations of being 1-and-done, or whether he’s fully willing to play (at least) 2 years in college.


I agree with all of these most recent comments. Well, everything but nswan thinking he’ll go to IU. :wink: I think wherever DJ goes, he will play. He faces a hugely important decision. I think, perhaps, it’s a life altering decision. Whatever decision he makes, I hope it’s the right decision for him regardless of what IU fans think or what I hope for.

One last comment. I can’t think of a better way for a gifted and immensely talented offensive player like DJ Carton to improve those talents and further develop his offensive skills than to play against an elite defender like Z in practice everyday. I wish him well with his decision and with his college, his NBA, and his post NBA careers!