2019 - PG - DJ Carton (OSU Commit)


IU fans are easily the most delusional in the league


Hey guys/gals first time poster actually an IU fan full disclosure. I will say that 247 boards are a cesspool that a lot of coherent IU fans don’t even waste their time going to.

On the better boards the general belief is Carton is Michigans to lose and we are hoping IU can snatch him.

I know he wants to study communications. IU has a pretty decent program but no clue tbh how Michigans is.

And a lot of the IU confidence in Archie’s recruiting is the result of the stellar 2018 class. Even the Indiana kids came from areas of the state that are not IU friendly. In fact I don’t think any of those areas had sent a kid to IU in my lifetime. That combined with us almost certainly getting another 5 star this year in either Brooks or TJD possibly both. And a 4 star from Valpo. Out of those 3 only 1 of those is from traditional Indiana territory.

Carton would be the cherry on top for us but I doubt any IU fans are going to be truly upset with a backcourt of Devonte Green/Jerome Hunter/Al Durham and Robert Phinisee in 2019.


I’ve always appreciated Dot and the knowledge and perspective he brings to Michigan Basketball. As I’ve said before, he and Sane are my two favorite posters, and that’s not meant to diminish the value of any other posters on this board as there are some outstanding posters on here. :slightly_smiling_face:



Sam said on his show this morning that DJ is visiting OSU on Wednesday and Thursday of this week and, according to Sam, DJ is tiring of the process and will make a decision by the end of this month.

Sam said, in his opinion, Michigan still leads. He said if DJ stays true to his stated criteria, Michigan should be able to hold off IU which may have gained a bit during DJ’s visit there. DJ’s criteria: 1. I want to win; 2. I want to have great relationships with my coaches and teammates; 3. I want to be developed. I believe, and I know Sam does, too, that Michigan wins on all three criteria.

IU certainly has a great basketball history but has struggled in the last decade. Has Archie Miller proven that he can turn that recent history around? Coach B? 'Nuff said.

DJ was hosted by Isaiah Livers and Jordan Poole, two very effusive, energetic future teammates, and all the players were said to have done a great job hosting DJ and making him feel welcome and comfortable.

Development? It doesn’t get better than Michigan and, frankly, I don’t know if anyone in college basketball can compare with Coach B as it relates to development, especially with PGs.

Finally, I’ve heard elsewhere that DJ is planning to study Communications and that IU has a good program. I am sure they do. UM’s School of Communication Studies in the School of LSA is also excellent with a world renowned faculty and a great reputation.

He couldn’t go wrong with a prestigious degree from UM. Frankly it would open so many doors for him after basketball. Perhaps he views himself as a sports journalist or broadcast analyst after the NBA. Again, I think Michigan wins. :slightly_smiling_face:


After announcing his final three, Carton spoke with Peegs.com bout his official visits to Indiana and Michigan and his visit plans.

He said he will take an official visit to Ohio State on Wednesday and Thursday and hopes to make a decision “within two weeks.”


Agreed. Specifically on points 1 and 3, which he has continued to mention in interviews he has given, Michigan should have clear advantage.


Well the thing about recruiting is it’s about who does the best job convincing him that they best fit his criteria. Indiana does look to be headed on a good trajectory with Archie so it wouldn’t be that hard to convince him they are going to be winning on Michigan’s level. Not saying it’s true, just saying a good recruiter could easily do that. Plus they like basketball way more at Indiana. It’s easy to come from a Michigan perspective and suggest Michigan has the advantage.


We know where @silverblue would commit :wink:


Hyping myself up on this post-holiday Monday morning. Fill in the blank…DJ Carton would be the biggest Michigan basketball commit since ___________


I would love it if Carton came here but I fear the timing is a little off for us to land him. Anybody else agree? I just have a hard time imagining him signing up to a situation where major playing time is likely to be delayed…


Iggy or Johns last year.


I am in the same boat. I dont think that we are out of it, but if I had to make a wager, I would guess that he goes to IU.


Carton would definitely be a bigger get to me than Johns, although the MSU saga there made it pretty sweet too.


I think Jalen Wilson was every bit as good of a commit as Iggy and Johns.


The timing couldn’t be more perfect, imo.

He moved up his timeline from October to end of July. He also is sacrificing some AAU eligibility to go on this OSU official and end the process early.

Webb has consistently said- a prolonged timeline (October’ish) is the only prevention for Carton & Michigan. That roadblock is now clear.

No bluebloods swooping in. He has been on all three campus’ multiple times.

He knows where he wants to go and is tired of the process.


My only concern about DJ is that he has been givinging interviews to Peegs and not The Michigan Insider.


I’d LOVE an offer from Coach B, but at just over 5’8 IN SHOES with limited athletic ability, poor lateral movement, a vertical of about 10-12 inches, and a somewhat advanced age (71), I don’t think that offer is coming anytime soon. But if it did, you bet I’d commit to Michigan…in a heartbeat! :smile:


That’s exactly what I understand he wants to do. And I’m reminded that he met Jalen while on campus the first time. That type of professional role model can’t hurt.

I do share Reegs’ concern that it’s an Indiana site that the family is giving access to (twice now). That’s generally an indicator.

But the guys on our side are confident. Sure hope they’re right.


I agree it’s about convincing a recruit that your school best fits his criteria. And it’s hard to really know what is in a kid’s heart and in his head. That said, when your school has more to work with, when it better meets the recruit’s stated criteria, it would seem the argument would be easier to make. “Indiana looks to be headed on a good trajectory with Archie, so it wouldn’t be hard to convince him they are going to be winning on Michigan’s level” vs actually winning on Michigan’s level, with every reason to believe that will continue. Hmmm, I think the latter is an easier, and better, argument than the former.

Someone said earlier, “I hope we recruit him until the end” or something like that. I do, too. I hope he knows how very much we want him. Without negatively recruiting against IU, I hope he KNOWS we HAVE a great recent track record. It’s not just a possible trajectory toward success, it IS success. We don’t know what DJ will do. We’ll know in a little over two weeks. I WANT DJ to come to Michigan, but what I want doesn’t count. If he doesn’t come to Michigan, we’ll move on.