2019 - PG - DJ Carton (OSU Commit)


This kid can flatly ball. I don’t think that any of us cares if he is 5’7 or 6’5.


It’s important to his mom and it’s what she says. Why don’t we just run with that for now?


Because it’s a message board and someone always has to be right here.


Actually it’s pretty well documented that I am never right.


So far, but at what altitude? We haven’t given up on you!


Fingers crossed ?


Michigan, Indiana and OSU… I’ll be surprised if Iowa or Xavier make the cut


Trimming his list to 3 now would seem to be a good sign that he won’t be waiting around for late visits to bigger schools, right??


Everything changes when the Dukes and Kansas’ come into the mix. It’ll be interesting to see if it’s his “top 3” or his “final 3.” It doesn’t make sense that there would be difference but there is.

Have to think both UM and Indiana are in the top 3.


This is welcomed news.
UM is presumably still in the lead.
I’d expect an early August OSU official followed by decision date.
I can’t see him going to OSU. They have nothing going for them vs UM or IU (at least IU has hoops tradition).
IU has nothing on UM aside from tradition 30+ years ago.
UM has championships, pro’s, academics reputations, and relationships with the Carton’s on staff.
I like our chances if he decides in August.


No it won’t.

Last 3 standing. Decision sooner than later.


Dot, do you think he takes the osu official in August?


How are you feeling about Michigan’s chances, Dot?


Good. Real good.


I don’t know who number 3 is.


Hometown Iowa my guess


So there is a community thread on 247, I never knew iu fans were this delusional


Very weird to me that they wouldn’t “switch programs” with Michigan as of right now. You’d think they’d seen enough failed coaches to not assume Archie will automatically make them elite


I think getting Langford really boosted their confidence (irrationally?) even if Archie hasn’t shown one way or another if he can coach at a high level


That thread is insane. Do I need to start hating IU bball or is that just the lunatic fringe?

Also…thanks, @DOTMAN. Reminds me of the old “:)” days :slight_smile: