2019 - G - Nah'Shon Hyland (VCU Commit)

According to our old friend, Michigan is showing some interest here. Guessing they see him as a combo.




Kid recently took a huge leap in the 247 rankings too

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Huh. Must have really been traveling under the radar? Extremely fluid, great vision. Do we have a serious shot?


Like Hyland’s game alot, are we actually in contention? doesn’t look like he has a ton of major suitors at this point, could actually have a shot?

slight frame, so contribution upside for next year may be limited

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Been through a lot in the last few years but here is more on his background.


He seems to be more of a PG. And Michigan already has DD and then Zeb next year. I don’t want to take another good PG just cause. I’d rather Michigan got a GT and went for a quality 2020 over getting another PG personally.


He’s 6’3" and is a good shooter. I’d feel comfortable playing him next to X.


Couldn’t he be a combo guard? he also looks like he may still grow an inch or two.

MAAR was fairly effective as a two (with a point guardish game), could be that at 6’4/6’5 this kid could replicate that role? Looks like can shoot and put it on the deck.

Agree, be sensible, but if its this kid vs an open scholly, feels like its worth a shot. Looks like a top 100 kid and clearly has some mental toughness

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I mean if he grows a little more or can really shoot it then of course. Hopefully he physically can defend Big Ten 2s as well. He looked pretty skinny to be a B10 SG. Obviously he will add weight in college but if he came in this coming season would he really be able to seriously contribute during B10 play? 165 lbs is quite a bit less than Bajema. I’d rather roll the dice with Bajema playing than adding a kid it seems Michigan doesn’t have a long-standing relationship with. Go for a 2020 who’s a safer bet and been much more thoroughly evaluated

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Is he a good shooter? Seems like the question here is how much of an impact can a 165lb kid with the nickname of “Bones” make on next year’s team? If it is not a lot, can you do more in 2020?


You basically said what I did but I didn’t see this reply lol

Hyland took a pair of officials earlier in his recruitment, to Temple and St. Joe’s. He plans to take one to VCU, and has heard from from Maryland, DePaul, Georgetown, Pittsburgh, Wake Forest, TCU and Seton Hall. Another Big Ten school reached out to his coach over the weekend.

“Michigan. They said they have an open spot because their shooting guard is staying in the draft,” he said.

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Is he not a good shooter? article above indicates 41% from three


I dunno man. If a 50-75ish ranked player wants to come here, I’d nearly always say yes unless the fit is flat out bad.

I just don’t expect much next year. Ceiling is clearly limited. I realize others may disagree with that assessment, but to me the weaknesses of this years team are still gonna be there, except they’re going to be worse. I think we’ll make the tourney and maybe grab a game, two if we’re lucky, but not more than that.

I’d rather pull a high ceiling guy like Hyland and give him some time to lift and play on in practice with some of the other young guys we’ve got.


Over one weekend and how many attempts. Just hard to take much from that stat.

Answer: 11-of-27 over four games this weekend. Either way, a very small sample.

fair enough, seems like the 3-4 different highlights available show a good stroke, not sure if they from this weekend tho

this is how i feel, we are at best a sweet 16 team next year with remaining recruits, or so it seems

dylan would know better than me if our 2020 prospects are better than a top 75-100 kid in 2019 thats a bit more of a long term project. but feels like you dont just pass on kids like this unless you landing franz and pierce. certainly not sure an open scholly makes sense

Yeah, we just don’t have a huge sample because he didn’t play last summer on the circuit (obviously a crazy story and amazing that he’s okay).

Now we have a weekend tournament where he is a year older than everyone else he’s playing against.

The limited data makes it a tough eval but that creates opportunity too if you make the right read and project something.

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Link to this article?