2019 - G - Joe Girard III (Offer)


I bet assistants monitor what the savvy schools are doing and then take these “finds” to the head coaches to prove their worth to the program…


I think that any kid that is averaging 50 points per game is going to peak the interest of schools, especially one that broke the NY state record for scoring in the middle of his junior season. Almost every school is monitoring the Scout (247) and Rivals sites on a consistent basis.

Schools are also paying attention to what offers are out there because it’s important to know who and what they are competing against. Have to think Beilein’s offer raised some eyebrows and now Duke’s offer solidifies what Beilein was thinking. Have to think it’s going to be an interesting recruitment when it gets to AAU season.


Fair point. Girard was going to blow up whether Beilein ID’d him or not!


He does have D1 offers for QB in football. How are you so sure?


I’m not sure. From few videos I’ve seen he doesn’t seem very athletic. I would like to see him play live or at least a full game against a good hs team.


I watched a few of his games from the EYBL last year. He obviously shoots the crap out of the ball but I wanted to see if he could defend. City Rocks had Boeheim’s kid on their team and naturally…a 2-3 zone.

One thing that I noticed while he played was that the other team tried to take him away and it didn’t matter. He is that good of a shooter with a really quick release that makes it really hard to cover him completely. He seemed like a good enough passer and was willing to make the extra pass instead of jacking any chance he could. All of this, while playing a year up in the 17u division.

The question mark when it comes to college is, what happens when a 6’6 long and athletic player covers him? It’s a question that I can’t answer it but I have to think he saw that a little bit with a few of the teams in the EYBL. And if he didn’t see it last year, he’ll see it this year.


If other teams have to use their 6-6 athletic wing stopper on Girard, that means Poole, Iggy, , DD, Johns, etc. are gonna have a field day.


Here is his 60 point game from last night


Dude can flat out shoot


Wow. He looks quicker and more athletic in this video. He took and made some difficult shots. Very impressive to have so many highlight type field goals all in one game.


About 90% of his attempts in that video he wouldn’t be able to get off in college.


Yes , but I would hope he wouldn’t attempt to take 90% of those shots against college defenders.


I wonder what his usage rate is… Probably puts Poole to shame.


Disagree. He seems to have a really quick release. Size and athleticism don’t mean much if you have a slow release. Likewise, you can be smaller and get your shots off against anyone if you have a quicK release. Girard seems to get it out quickly


He’s got a quick release but with some of those shots I agree with prior poster he won’t get off. The plus side is this wouldn’t come up. He won’t be creating to often for himself imo. When you watch his eybl tapes he’s in much more of a Duncan role and I think he’d be elite in that role for us.


I’d argue he is a pretty damn athletic overall considering he is 53 years old and has spent most of his time focused on playing and managing in baseball.


If you’re a team that thrives on jump shots, you better be highly interested in one of the best jump shooters. Jimmer 2.0?


Yes. And I would say that video dispels any immediate doubts about whether he can dribble, drive, or get to his spot on the floor. Granted, he will be more limited in the college game, but he definitely has some athleticism to go with that dead eye.


He’s my favorite recruit we’re in on. Hope the duke offer doesn’t sway him too much. Feels like the Kennard recruitment again.


The competition is soooooo bad. The defense is turrible. Clearly Girard can shoot. I don’t know what it all adds up too?!?! If I could see a higher degree of quickness out of Girard, I’d be more of a believer, but he just looks average.

I wouldn’t say he looks as good as Carsen Edwards. Not close
I wouldn’t say I’d want him over David DeJulius. I wouldn’t.
I need to see more against real competition.