2019 - G - Joe Girard III (Offer)


Ah yeah and he was a transfer rather than a recruit, per se


Questioning is, of course, part of what we do here.

Wouldn’t you say, though, that more of Coach B’s misses have come from having to go to plan E late in the game?

Seems like guys he offers with time to spare and not in response to other misses tend to pan out pretty well, either here or somewhere else…


There were not many late spring plan E’s, yet majority vastly outperformed the expectation, Levert, Spike, MAAR, Dawkins. The biggest miss might be the one that Beilein did not offer, Larry Nance Jr.


This is a sports forum but apparently you would rather people not express their views.


Apparently you’d rather me not express my view that his view is premature? Weird. Unless of course Reegs has extensively scouted Girard in person and knows a ton more about him than a normal recruit.


Looking through the lists, I guess you’re right. I was thinking Colton Christian and so on and so on, but then there wasn’t really any “and so on.” And I love me some MAAR.


I thought Dylan made an interesting point linking Beilein’s comments on Purdue’s team and the offer of Girard. I noticed the same thing when I read his comments.

The way basketball is played right now I think the most valuable skill in basketball is the ability shoot on the move. Whether that be off the dribble or off a screen. I guess that’s kind of several abilities together so it’s kind of cheating but if you can put 3 or 4 people on the floor that can hit a pull up 3 and/or a 3 off a series of off ball screens than you are going to have a deadly offense. If Girard were a couple inches taller to be separate himself from Dejulius that would make him a no-brainer imo. Unfortunately he is not though.



Girard breaks NY scoring record with his season low, 44 points. He is averaging 50 PPG.


First off, that is insane and with a whole season left his record will never be broken barring a 4 point line being invented.

2nd, how bad is his competition?

  1. I am firmly in favor of recruiting any kid that averages 50+ points per game. I can’t even imagine doing that in a pickup game.

  2. “Girard is now being recruited by Duke and Ohio State”



an editorial from a local newspaper might raise some concerns.


Its bad. Unless there is realignment hes in the foothills council. A few years ago the town I grew up in in elementary school was a powerhouse who went on to win like 50 straight games and when states/ federations ( very impressive for a small school) they produced 1 kid of note joe Cremo who is a good player at Albany. D 1 kids at that conferrnce are rare.

Albany as a whole is decent hoops and will get d 1 talent , Albany academy at the top. His particular conference is very small , white boy hoops st it’s finest. He’s good and on a completely different level then them.


I was just going to say this. The kid is being recruited by Duke, yet some on here question whether he should be a take for us. It is true that Coach B is NOT infallible. He has missed on some recruits, but Coach K? Well, hmmm, he might actually BE infallible when it comes to recruiting!


Yea the comp in high school isn’t a big deal. He played well for a talented city rocks team and I’d imagine he will again. He’s a great fit for us I think


The only mention of Joe Girard in that article is positive.

As for the “Duke recruitment,” I doubt that is anything more than a phone call or or two. And I say that in total respect as I like Girard from the obviously limited tape I’ve seen. But according to 247 Duke has offered 9 2019 guys already and they’re all in the top 30. Like I said, no offense to Girard, but he’s never going to get a serious look from Duke


I mean they did take the 398th ranked guy in the country last year (and he’s played in all but three games). Other suitors included Arizona State, UNLV, UAB, Eastern Kentucky, Rice, Coastal Carolina, Towson, and Hofstra so it’s not like he is a clear candidate for the “criminally under ranked guy being recruited by several top schools” category.


You are right. I guess since they have so much attrition year to year they have to fill up some spaces late. Their last 3 recruiting classes have had 6, 6, and 7 people in them (19 kids in 3 years!).

Looks like because of that attrition they have to take a few fliers on lower ranked kids. Based on a cursory glance none of them ever end up contributing much at all and are usually offered late (Mar-May) after they find out who’s going to the NBA. Many end up transferring. Like 1 2017 recruit already has announced his transfer to Butler.


Statistically and size wise Girard reminds me of Jay Burson, former Buckeye, who averaged 44 a game as a sophomore in HS.

From Wiki:
Burson attended John Glenn High School in New Concord, Ohio from 1981-85. During his sophomore season, he led the nation in scoring with a 44 points per game average. In his four seasons at John Glenn, he scored 2,958 points earning him the record for most points scored in the history of Ohio high school basketball.[1] He held that record for 22 years until it was beaten by Upper Sandusky senior Jon Diebler (3,208 points) in February 2007.[2]


Jay Burson weighed like 145 lbs.