2019 - G - Joe Girard III (Offer)


Maybe it’s just a matter of definition. Who was the last player to fit this criteria at Michigan, in your opinion?


Absolutely. And the age thing wasn’t a problem for McGary.


Like I said, I can’t wait to see that!


Glens Falls is a little bigger than Onondaga, where Hart went to HS. I’m not saying you are wrong but there is some decent basketball played in the Albany area (like where Huerter is from).

Now, I look at his team’s schedule and it doesn’t seem like much but I haven’t been back in the area for 10 years. Some of the schools he plays always have good athletes but not necessarily good basketball players or teams.


I love the way you act like it’s such a stretch even though his film shows him doing it all the time. It’s not like he plays in Alaska or something - he’s at a big time prep school and does it against other elite prep schools all the time.


That doesn’t matter man, he’s not lebron James. Therefore, he won’t be good at it in college.


Just found out about his Dad playing for Beilein at Le Moyne - pretty cool. The offer makes more sense now. Michigan sound like favorites right now if he sticks with basketball.


I think three different things are in play.

  1. Beilein can never have enough pure shooters in his offense. Especially shooters who can handle the ball.

  2. Beilein doesn’t usually plan for Freshmen to have a leading role. By his Sophomore year — when Beilein players tend to emerge — the projected depth chart along the wing is more open. Simpson & Matthews (and Watson) will be gone by the Class of ‘19s Sophomore season.

  3. By the time Beilein 100% knows whether he’ll have a scholarship open for the Class of ‘19, the elite players UM is following could all be committed/signed elsewhere; Girard may be someone willing to wait out the process longer than Weems or Watts or one of the other in-state star recruits.

It was one of the downsides of taking 5 recruits in the Class of ‘18. If there’s a departure other than Wagner this year, then Beilein & Co will likely step up recruiting efforts on some 2019s. But if Wagner is the only departure at season’s end — creating the opening for the 5th signee in this class — then Beilein is likely to be more cautious with his Class of 19 sales pitch until he knows where the next scholarship slot is coming from.


He has the cool nickname and hair. It makes him look like some high-flying break-you-down, posterize-you guy, but he’s mainly a straight-line fast, perimeter shooter.


I think part of it is simply the statistics of getting a talented guy at that height. There’s simply more of them than there are of the 6’11" unicorns. As a practical matter, if your backcourt isn’t that talented you’re at a huge disadvantage because a lot more teams have high-level 6’0-6’2" guys than 6’10" guys.


I grew up near girard. I was cool on him at first but now have changed my mind. He’s an incredible shooter. In our offevse he’d be a serious problem.


Watched the Purdue game yesterday. For some reason Dakota Mathias (although a couple inches shorter) would be my hope from JG3 if he were to come to Michigan. Cant say that i would complain about that either


I’d settle for any of the 400 white guards Wisconsin has had over the years that have killed us.


I don’t get the issue with him being 6’1". First, he could grow an inch or two between now and fall of 2019. Second, Villanova has played with small backcourts over the years with great success.


Same. This isn’t the NBA. I can make hundreds of collages with guys exactly his height and “athletic ability” that have been outstanding SG. He’s comboish anyway.


This is one of those threads where someone throws out a somewhat exaggerated cautionary note, 20 people come back with WTF and the heat is. . . mostly gratuitous, if (I’ll admit) somewhat entertaining. But with a guy averaging 50–hello–and liked by Beilein, I think it’s safe to say that, the caveat of size aside, you have to assume he might be a decent add.

I can only think of three real Beilein busts; one of them had sleep apnea; another went off and played okay at Maryland; and the third is scoring a few points for S. Carolina. M’s margins for error were tighter, but I think we can safely assume that a lotta guys chosen by Izzo, Calipari, Coach K, or Self have quietly sauntered into the sunset during the same period.


I have a total different list of Beilein bust, one was highly ranked but never made any impact expect one buzz-beating season saving three pointer, one was equally highly ranked, transferred after a year and had a lackluster career in mid-major, the third has to go someone who was kicked out after playing half a season, probably the worst Beilein recruit ever. Then there were Colton, McLimans, not highly recruited but played like walk-ons. The three on your list actually all got some solid minutes and shiny minutes of their own.


Eh, you just have a better memory than me. :slight_smile:


Trying to figure out who your third person is?


Just Googled to refresh my memory. I was wrong, LLP played much more than I remembered. It was a season too bad to be kept in memory.