2019 - G - Joe Girard III (Offer)


Poole and we’ve seen it multiple times. He looks to score mostly now but he has good vision and can pass the ball. Iggy and DeJulius will come with that and by the time the ‘19 class gets to campus, guys like Livers and Brooks could look much different than they do now.
I’m not sure about a 6’1” guard in the ‘19 class but he seems to play a bit like the Davison kid at Wiscy who has played well for a Frosh.


Let the JGIII era commence!!!


Watching video from iPhone he looks like Steve Alford.


Unfortunately Trae Young is spoken for, at least for this year.


Watts is 100% over-rated. A good player but If we’re going for another combo type guard, I’d be more then happy to get Girard.


I am firmly on the 2019 All Big Ten First Team Jordan Poole train


JGIII is a much better shooter than Davison (I watched Davison a ton in HS). Davison probably does everything else better and was one of the most efficient players in the EYBL before his senior year. Davison really struggled in EYBL play before his junior year while JGIII was pretty darn good. It’s all a wait and see approach but to score that many points this early in his career is pretty impressive.


Exactly what I thought.


It befuddles me that some people still want to doubt Beilein and how he builds his team.


JB has proven he isn’t infallible and has made many a recruiting mistake in the past. Weird to suggest that his track record has indicated that he is unquestionable.


He’s not infallible at all. I certainly think he’s earned the right to let things play out before complaining about them…


I’d rather discuss opinions on a message board now than wait 6 years to do it.


Thanks for the insights. I saw Davison play just once earlier in the season and maybe he was on from 3. I was thinking similar build and athleticism (two things others in this thread were questioning), but that’s based on limited video of JGIII.


My question is why Beilein is all of a sudden going after the 6’-6’2 combo guards. Brooks/Locke/Watts/Girard all built in similar packages and are fairly new target offers for Beilein. Just interesting. I’m neither for or against it.


I think it is motivated by 30 second shot clock


Need guys that can create their own shot. Both Locke and Girard have really quick releases too.


Crossing sports doesn’t the NY all time scoring record despite questionable measurable /competition level kind of remind anyone of Mike Hart?


Iggy does that pretty easily.


There isn’t a coach out there who hasn’t missed on a recruit. With that said, there’s no other coach who finds hidden gems like JB does. Some of that is a function of where we sit, of course - Coach K and Calipari don’t need to do that. But JB’s eye for talent has proven to be very good time and again.


Seriously? Iggy a triple threat and can break down a college defense individually? Wow. I can’t wait to see that.

Different world when he starts playing against college aged kids. He’ll be 20 as a Frosh.