2019 - G - Joe Girard III (Offer)


Do you think this is a commitable offer at this point? Would we use our first oversign on him?


Definitely commitable IMO. We have a wing for the class but not a guard. There is no reason to believe that Matthews will be back after this season. JB has in fact called him a senior for this up coming year. Don’t know how it plays if Carton or another guard were to commit first though


Complete guess but I think if Girard commits we would still chase Carton hard. I think 3 is the max JB would take but Carton feels like target 1A regardless of who else comes and for good reason IMO


I would wager that Girard wouldn’t be allowed to commit until DJ makes his decision.


Alright honest question, why do you believe that? I cant see JB pulling that. He made an honest offer to both kids and nothing has change regarding the spot being actually available. I feel like this is black and white - the spot is open or it isnt. Especially with Tyus Battle in the rear-view mirror, I feel like JB will take the bird in the hand .

I will say, if JB has cooled on Girard and stopped recruiting him, the offer could be pulled, but there would still be no contingency for what Carton does.


Carton has an announcement date, Girard doesn’t I don’t think…so the idea of slow-playing Girard to wait for Carton seems academic - Carton chooses first.


That makes some sense. I didnt recall Carton having a date. Do you know what it is? I know that Girard is supposed to announce prior to fall/football season


I guess I’m wrong - I must have confused his visit date. Nevermind!


Carton doesn’t have a firm announcement date that I’ve seen. He said that it could go as late as October.


? Last I heard he wanted to decided by mid-August. I believe the theory is that he might commit after visiting Michigan and Indiana (who he’ll be visiting right before the dead period). And if not, he’ll probably commit in August when the dead period ends.


Recent interview on Rivals, he says visits are being pushed back, decision probably in Sep. or October. Doesn’t mean the couldn’t decide sooner, but he definitely doesn’t have a decision date.


are u talking about Carton or Girard?


This is what I am asking. I assume Matthews is leaving and that is the only open scholarship left for 2019, at this point. Regardless of planned announcement dates, if Gerard decides to go before Carton makes his decision, would we take him or wait on Carton?


Those thinking that we wouldn’t accept a Girard commit until we know what Carton does, I think are assuming too much about JBs hierarchy of recruits. I don’t think he offers unless they are commitable. The availability of a guard scholarship has not changed. As a prime example, we all assume (or maybe it was just me) that Winston was the preferred PG in the class but when you have someone who is good and ready to commit in X, Beilein took X.

Also how does does that conversation with Girard go if isn’t commitable? “Hey we really like you but really like this other guy more. He has started showing interest since we offered you so we are going to wait and see what he does before we will accept a commitment”

Also, FWIW I would much prefer Carton and think that this is mostly a moot point. I think that we are closer to landing Carton than Girard AND I bet that Carton commits before Girard


I don’t think that we wait. I am happy to take Girard even I likes Carton more


Carton. It was suggested that Beilein would not take a commitment from Girard until Carton decides.


I think there’s a difference between a PG spot and a G spot with the scholarships that have been offered. Girard would play a much different role than Carton. Much different situation than Langford/Battle and Winston/Simpson IMO


That I can understand and buy, but do you think that Girard’s offer is commitable? If they are being recruited for different positions, which I get, then it would probably imply that Girard could commit right?


Not sure I agree. If Girard committs I think he’s in. JB coached his dad, the culture is ingrained and there is an existing relationship. I don’t expect JB to pass on his commitments nor be left without his shooting gurad.


Both guys are getting attention from Duke, fwiw. Getting either would be a good thing.