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What if Rocket Watts wants to commit?


The Winston/Simpson situation is hardly the same. Beilein knew Simpson would commit on the spot if he was offered. Essentially, as soon as Beilein brought Simpson and his dad on campus, Winston’s offer was no longer commitable. Would that have ever happened without Winston postponing his planned visit? I doubt we’ll ever know.

Of course, these offers are commitable when Beilein extends them. Do they remain commitable after new offers go out, but haven’t yet been accepted? I won’t pretend to know, but I’ve never assumed they all are. I do assume the coaches keep in touch with recruits and let them know where they stand, especially if they are getting close to making a decision.


Yeah, I’d lean toward Girard’s offer being committable now too for that reason. I would just be completely shocked if JB took a commitment from Girard and then took his offer to Carton off the table.


Like he did with RJ Barrett and Iggy?


I don’t know if that’s really accurate. We were not, in all likelihood, going to land RJ Barrett. We’re in pretty good shape with Carton. And I imagine we would take both him and Girard.


Is that what happened?


reading between the lines, yes. iggy took the spot.


I didn’t even realize we rescinded the offer, that’s why this is news to me.



This is not accurate. Iggy committed September 22nd. Adrien Nunez committed October 2nd. You think we would have said “no thanks” to Barrett before his visit and then subsequently taken Nunez?

Far more likely that Barrett wasn’t ever going to be much of an option.


Yeah I think in Barrett’s case, Michigan decided to stop wasting time and resources on him when he was never actually going to come to UM. I’m sure the coaches had a good read on his interest level.


Yes, I do. Whether it’s accurate or not is subjective.


OK, let’s frame it a different way. If our staff believed Barrett was a realistic option, they would not have moved on to Nunez without first determining what Barrett was going to do.

No halfway competent coaching staff would do that. And since we’ve made the national championship game twice in the past five years, I’d say the time for challenging the compentency of this staff has long come and gone.


Nunez has little if anything to do with it. It’s kind of obvious that the Iggy & Barrett offers were for the “wolf” spot. Once they had Iggy (arguably a 5*) they really didn’t need Barrett. Bird in the hand.


Dude, come on.

We regularly recruit wings who can and do play multiple positions. Barrett was the #1 recruit in the country, and at 6-6 could play anything from the 1-3 at a very high level.

There is no chance the coaches said, “Well, we got our stud wing player, now we don’t need Barrett, but we should still recruit Nunez.”

What is far more likely is that after we got Iggy, we wanted to make sure Barrett’s interest was indeed strong, because if he was a long shot, we still wanted to be able to land Nunez as a fallback option because we liked him enough to offer. And I think that’s exactly how it played out. We didn’t stop recruiting a five star wing player because we preferred a three star instead.


This is the Joe Girard thread, no?


How much you talkin?


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“I talk to Coach Beilein at least a few times a week,” the younger Girard said. “Obviously, my dad played for him and I’ve had a really good relationship with him my whole life.

“He calls me, lets me know how he’s feeling and everything. He’s a really open guy and does everything by the book. He’s done a really good job communicating with me and making me feel wanted at Michigan.

“He tells me I’m the best shooter in the country and that I can come in and play right away with their style of basketball.”