2019 - G - Cole Anthony

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He’s soooooo good, should be the consensus number 1 imo. With where today’s basketball is going I have no clue how you rank a center like James wiseman over him.

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This is the guy over the past few years that I covet the most. I really like his game and demeanor

At least he probably grew up hating Duke, right?

Most of his CBS are Duke, but a lot of them were made in the winter so hopefully things have changed

So we’ve been watching Cole (Anthony) a fair bit. Can I get excited or is there still under 1% chance Michigan gets him.

Maybe move it to 10% chance? They’ve been spending a lot of time watching him for there to be a 1% chance.

1%. I was told they got in to this a bit too late compared to most the other main competitors, which will be the difference. Until Anthony and his family release info about his recruitment, I’m keeping it at 1%.

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Yep, and there was a time when we had an almost 100% chance of getting DJ Carton and OSU was hardly even in the picture. I think when he finally made his commitment we had 83% of the CBs and one was an old Wiscy CB, a team he had already eliminated. Ohio State had zero CBs. Just saying, who knows how these things work out. It’s not science. It’s not over 'til it’s over, and Tyus Battle tells us that it’s not necessarily over even with a “commitment.”

Crystal ball’s mean nothing to me more times than not. There is a 100% CB for Beverly to MSU as well. And there was for Romeo Weems too or close to 100%.

And I said regarding Anthony that I’ll keep holding out hope, but I’m not putting my eggs in that basket and increasing the chance until he at least shows something toward us down the line that is more encouraging. He’s done nothing to make it worse or better so no point in thinking the chances have changed at all until tangible evidence is released.

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I’m not meaning to be critical of your position BP3. I just think there is history that shows us what matters is in the heart and the mind of the player, and, perhaps, his family, and we don’t always know what that is. Crystal Balls don’t mean much to me either. That was kind of my point.

As for Cole Anthony, well, I really don’t think we’ll get him, but…one can hope. I’m pleased that our coaches are all over the country looking for the best possible fit for our program. I have my belief as to what that fit would be, but I’m not on the coaching staff, so my opinion doesn’t count for much…or for anything really.

Well, I see a few positive things.

As a general matter, we have done better with the kids of star NBA players (Hardaway and Robinson), who are probably less impressed with the “hype” of a Kentucky offer, as opposed to Devin Booker, whose dad (a solid college player, not a pro) pushed him toward Kentucky.

Second, Cole’s mom is a Michigan law grad, her husband is very successful in a professional field, and so is Greg Anthony’s new wife. I assume he’ll wind up at a school with a strong academic pedigree.

And, of course, there is a domino effect when top players commit. You have to assume whichever school lands RJ Hampton will not be getting Cole Anthony.

And he’s probably making a spring decision. That should only help us, especially if this is another strong year on the court like I think it will be.

With that said, we still have the obvious problem that Xavier Simpson will be the starter in 2019, and while DJ Carton may or may not be a one and done, Cole Anthony is, 100%. He’ll rightfully expect to start from day one and we probably can’t offer that.

But I think we stay in this race for awhile.

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I’m sorry and I know everyone will disagree with me on this but Cole Anthony absolutely without a doubt would start from day 1 no matter what returning players are on the team. That kid is viewed by many as the best point guard prospect in 5+ years


Truth, would be shocked if Anthony isn’t one of the best players in the country as a frosh. If Anthony came here I’d be shocked if Simpson, Anthony, and Poole did not start and get the majority of time at 1,2 and 3.


Yeah, there’s a big gap between Carton and Anthony in terms of ‘plug and play’ into whatever lineup.

Simpson is still there, but if you have Anthony on the roster you plug in X, Anthony and Poole and roll with it.


that line up with Matthews and Teske would be sick! Lol. Recruiting is fun because we get to dream boys!