Tracking Michigan Coaches in July

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Two trips out West… yeah, we are going to offer him.

Yup using time and resources on two trips to see him when there aren’t really any other players to watch at these lesser tournaments means that he’s now a priority

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To be clear, he’s just in Vegas. Most of the action right now is inVegas. He’s not in Vegas just to watch Cole.


Watched Cole Anthony again last night

I see Lester Quinones went off for 37 points on 13-24, 6-13, 5-6 to go with five rebounds in 32 minutes. Someone said they weren’t too high on him. I am.


Watching Cole Anthony

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Assistant tracking Omar Payne of All Ohio Red.

Watching Corey Walker, Isaiah Cottrell, and Brandon Harris

Watching 2020 Cade Cunningham

Beilein in Louisville it looks like.

I hope that JB prioritize Wendell Green Jr. Dude can play.

He’s small but he played very well when I saw him at Michigan’s Team Camp back in June. Transferring to La Lu this year so should get some exposure.