2019 Big Ten Tournament bracket finalized


This is some seriously terrible basketball being displayed thus far. IU shooting 14% on mostly missed three-pointers. OSU shooting like 30%.



The United Center has a reputation as a bad shooting arena, doesn’t it?


Going to be very interested to see a potential o/u line on how many games B1G wins in NCAA tournament when pairings are announced.


Sparty breathing easier as Ohio hangs on to beat their (sparties) nemesis Indiana.


Someone should tell Maryland that their game started like 45 minutes ago.


That’s what happens, one team goes into the game thinking they can’t lose and the other one has nothing to lose. Result, the team that really shouldn’t have a change is up 12 at the half. We’ll see if Turgeon can convince his kids to get serious in the second half, and we’ll see if Nebraska can keep up this effort, and their Cinderella story, going in the second half.


I laid a pretty healthy bet on Maryland today so this was totally expected.


I’m still not a believer in the B1G, and I’ll say it before the NCAA tournament.

Bunch of teams that can’t shoot or score consistently.

Competiveness of bottom feeders more an indication of this than overall strength of league top to bottom.

Does the league really play great defense? Or is it just a conference full of non playmakers ( very limited pros ) that can’t create for themselves or others?

Winston dominates the league because of his creation abilities off the dribble. Nobody else is even close to his offensive skill set.

This despite lacking explosiveness and next level quickness.


What’s your explanation for the Big Ten non conference success?


Anxious to see if that translates to neutral court NCAA tournament victories. I’ll be eagerly awaiting o/u lines on potential B1G NCAA tournament wins.

Incredible to me that Purdue and MSU tied for the league title with all that they lost. Not including certain injuries.


AND…THAT’S…WHAT…HAPPENS! You just show up in a game you shouldn’t lose, you just might lose. Lessons to be learned here.

I’m really happy for Nebraska. I like Coach Miles, and Roby is one of my favorite players who doesn’t play for the good guys. The smiles on the faces of those Nebraska players is special! Cinderella is ALIVE!


Nebraska sleep walked through the last two months. Now, in the last two and a quarter games, they start playing like a top ten team.


Great effort the last two days by the Huskers. I like Tim Miles, but will this be enough to save his job? Don’t think so, and as much as I like Miles, I don’t feel sorry for him. He is still a millionaire, after all! :wink:

I think it ends for Nebraska tomorrow. Tim Miles? He’ll be OK…wherever he lands.


Maryland with a solid 18-50 shooting effort from the floor.

Hey, at least Fernando made one. 1-4.

18 baskets in forty minutes.


For some more context, we went 18-50 versus Holy Cross this year, lol.


Well, they can’t say he lost the team over these past few games.
He looks like he is having fun. Good for him, I like him too.


College basketball is better with Tim Miles in it. Don’t know how he keeps his job given Nebraska is in for a major rebuild next year.

What a disgusting performance from Maryland. I don’t think Turgeon gets bounced but he probably will want to make it to the 2nd weekend or else his seat is going to get pretty warm.


Iowa has forced two shot clock violations and a turnover from Illinois in the first three minutes. What is happening?


Bezhanishvili has the flu and is gassed and I hope Illinois wins.