2019 Big Ten Tournament bracket finalized


He’s a character. I’ll miss him if he’s fired.


Awesome, thank you for answering and confirming!


Some truly awful basketball on display in the United Center so far in this Northwestern/Illinois game.


This Illinois/Northwestern game feels like a bad AAU game.


What in the world have they done to the United Center? It looks like the Barn, except even worse somehow.


One of the joys of the 14-team Big Ten is that you get to watch two teams that have a suffered a combined 38 (!) losses go head-to-head in a cripple fight in the BTT.


Giorgi is fun to watch though.


Not sure if it recently changed, but when I went there last time it was held there they didn’t. They told me they usually do but not for a college event.


Same exact thing as the end of last year’s UM-Purdue game. Let’s see if they call it the same way.


Oh, good, more basketb … er, that is, more of whatever this is.


Is there a more fitting way to end regulation?


Shooting everyone and putting them out of their misery? I kid!
EDIT: Of course as soon as I write this both teams catch fire. But good for them.


Man, Pardon’s gotta take that shot - 1 on 1 under the basket against a guy he seems to have about 5 inches on.


Brendan stays alive in the Moving Screen B1G Bracket Challenge.


I couldn’t recall from 2015. I know it’s restricted for NCAA Tournament games but I THINK up to the Big Ten for conference tournament. I’m gonna take GoBlueScrewOSU’s word as gospel and look forward to having a drink tomorrow night!


Fwiw this was my source. Some guy said he called the United Center and they said they would be selling beer.


Ha at least you found that! Appreciate it. I couldn’t find anything online that said yes or no.


So I have one game pending but I’ve gone 16-1-1 today and I am up 495 Bucks . My only loss and push so far was meltdowns by tcu and Clemson.


I love this time of year. Why I did not take off work next Thursday and Friday is beyond me. Rookie move.


Indiana tomorrow? What do you guys think? Wesson back. Very interesting.