2019 Big Ten Tournament bracket finalized


I’m not happy. Last night I held off on doing futures on the conference tourneys and I woke up to all my picks having drastically reduced odds, Michigan included. I still put one on us and small ones on Maryland/ Indiana. Fifty minutes later they jumped back up to where it was las night or better. I hit us again +300 but damn that did not go well.


I’d be stunned if Wisconsin beats Maryland, MSU and Michigan back to back to back.


MSU, UM, and Purdue are the best teams with the easiest draws. Before the last two years with Michigan, a top 3 seed had won the tourney 15 years in a row and 17 of 18, with the 3 seed only winning once. Wiscy hasn’t been particularly impressive lately. If anyone except the top 3 teams won, it’d be pretty surprising, although I see the case for Wiscy, as they should have a good crowd and MSU might not be quite as motivated and resting some guys/ working some guys back in.


All the betting stuff on here I’m fine with but could do without. The worst part (for me) is somebody recapping their betting stories. Almost as bad as listening to someone recap their round of golf hole by hole. :slight_smile:

I think this is going to be a crazy BTT. Love to see Penn State or Illini win the whole damn thing.


Well I wouldn’t (like to see Penn State or the Illini win the whole damn thing), but if Illinois makes it to Friday and Penn State makes it to Saturday, that’s fine with me. As long as the good guys win on both Friday and Saturday! :wink:


I’m not good with anyone other than Michigan winning the tournament title. Need to reclaim some lost status and get back that respect from the basketball community.


You make an excellent point.
I learned a few years back that no one really cares to hear about my golf scores or any of the good shots that I made. I don’t want to hear about theirs either.

Maybe there should be a betting thread where those interested can post their stories and those of us not interested can skip the whole experience.


I am in the “loves to hear betting talk” camp and I would also enjoy it and probably participate more if we had a separate thread for it


Are you guys talking about me posting a bracket or people talking about who might win or certain games? I don’t even see a lot of gambling talk in here?


Last year we did a Pick Against the Spread contest for the B1G tournament… Any chance of a return or is it too late now? :joy:

Last year I successfully predicted every game wrong and lead Michigan to victory


I enjoy the gambling info and picks too.


I think they’re referring to the occasional spreads and moneyline discussion. Not a ton in this particular thread but the topic pops up semi-frequently on the site I feel like


Like I said, I’m fine with it, just could do without it. It’s not omnipresent so it’s cool, just extremely uninteresting. More than anything I just wanted to make an observation I knew some would agree with and some wouldn’t.


A betting thread would be good.


First half of the Big Ten Tournament is a shootout!


Rutgers imploding, bad flagrant by Omoruyi. On a scale from 1-10 how gone is Roby to the NBA?


Random one-off tourney question.

Do they sell beer at United Center during the tournament?




yes they do