2018 - Wing - RJ Barrett (Target)


Sure, if we have zero bad information and we cancelled the visit based on pure suspicion, that’s weak.

But I highly doubt that’s what happened. Nor have I seen any real confirmation about the cancellation.

  1. there has been no prior indication that Barrett’s recruitment has been shady on any level. Usually “noise” leaks out on the recuiting trail. To speculate or guess or dartboard is unfair to the kid. He’s not coming for his official visit as schedule; best of luck to him with his future decisions.

  2. there are several college athletic administrators/coaches who feel Oregon Athletics has benefited from an “apparel relationship” and would love to see Oregon Athletics taken down a peg or three.

  3. just because a program is shady or under suspicion does NOT mean all top prospects who sign with said program are shady or on the take


I got nothing against Oregon at all. But it is weird saying ‘number 1 basketball recruit in the country’ and ‘Oregon’ in the same sentence.

Such is the world we live in these days.


Understandable. Still makes more sense to me than Western Kentucky or SEC schools…


To be fair, Oregon’s been killing it on the court lately and they have the Canada connections. I’m not saying that makes them clean (Their close connection with Nike makes me think they’re very dirty given what we’ve seen from apparel companies), but Oregon’s turning into a solid program now.


There’s money at Oregon and most of it is Nike’s. The difference at Oregon is, Nike is shoveling it to the school and not through financial advisors/agents. Why? It doesn’t need to.

I don’t know if Oregon is considered dirty or not. They get a TON of Nike stuff and usually wear things a year or two before anyone else does. That’s a heck of a selling point for kids and their families.


They would be shoveling it to players to get them to go to Oregon and sign with them in the NBA, like Adidas did with Bowen, to help the image of Oregon, which is Nike’s favorite client. It’s the same with them as it is with every other school.


Damn, now I wish even more that D-Walt had hit that shot :cry:


Yup, that would have been quite the virtuous run:

Okie State
(North Carolina)


Trust me, I know. Ughhhh.


Don’t want to get into a pissing match but what I meant is that Oregon flushes them with product and goods not with money. Nike gives them the money to do all of those things. I don’t think it’s a direct payment like it was the adidas but nothing would surprise me.

Has there actually been confirmation from UM or Barrett camp about him not coming on an official?


Scout’s insiders are usually very good. I don’t think UM is allowed to discuss recruitment and the Barrett camp is very quiet so we might not ever hear what actually happened lol. I want to say he simply committed to Oregon, but that’s kinda weird with just one school left to visit.


Here is what I’m looking for…

Another possible explanation is that Castleton and Locke are deciding very soon. No scholarships available for Barrett. But it is pretty fishy to cancel the week of his official.


Didn’t Iggy do something similar when he committed to Michigan? I don’t remember the exact timing, but I thought he had a Florida official visit coming up soon — the last of his scheduled visits — and decided to cancel the visit to commit to UM?

It’s disappointing to me that we won’t get a shot to make our official pitch to Barrett – and stings a little more that it was cancelled so close – but if he already decided in his mind there’s nothing UM could do to top one of his other options, then I’m kind of glad that he announced it sooner rather than later.


Sam Webb said this when asked why the visit was canceled:


Also this on the other scout thread:

Unclear on the particulars. Iggy was mentioned as influencing the situation. Just not sure how.


I hope we eventually get to hear what happened, this is kinda weird.


Hard situation to read. I’ll get killed if I assert that Iggy took his spot, because we all know JB would bend over backward, right? Maybe JB took a page out of Machiavelli’s book and knowing that he wouldn’t get Barrett, instead used him to lean on Iggy.


Realistically - he was never coming here, ever.


Another angle to think about here: Say you have a 5% chance at signing Barrett, but would use 70% of your time recruiting him on his official visit.

Castleton and Nunez are coming and you like both. If you spend more time recruiting them, then maybe you take your chances of landing Castleton from 45% to 55%, for example.