2018 - Wing - RJ Barrett (Target)


Yeah, in some ways it’s a microcosm of the general pattern – JB has been most successful with guys that aren’t in the top 10-15 but has done quite well getting guys a notch or two below that. So while you make your pitch to the top guys who seem interested, you don’t do so at the expense of other guys you really like who are much more likely to sign up. And that’s how you wind up with an absolutely great and deep two year haul of guys like Johns, Brazdeikis, Livers, Poole, etc., that you can win big things with.


I’ve thought for a while now that the sweet spot for players Beilein should be recruiting is the 50-100 range. Those are still really talented players, even if they are not one and dones, and they are likely to stay several years and develop. They are also the recruits with which Beilein’s best recruiting pitch (development) is most likely to resonate because they are not NBA level players coming out of HS, but have to potential to reach in many cases.

The players in this range that Beilein has recruited: Burke, Stauskas, DMo, Irvin, Walton, Mo. They all ranged from good college basketball players to All-Americans. Then guys like THJ, DJ, GR3, and Mitch were not too far out of that range on either side.


I agree with what you are saying. The one and done route is overated (but I think your assigned rankings are off). Walton and Irvin were top 50 recruits. Our past top 50-100 recruits were Brundidge, Vogrich, Smot, Donnal, BURKE, and STAUSKAS.

Following your thinking I think we could expand the target list out even further from 100-200 in order to include players like:


If we want to stay really crazy we could keep targeting in the 200-350 range to include players like:



Wagner would have been a top 100 guy if he played in the US.


Good point. Similar to Iggy’s prior composite Wagner’s ranking is probably off.


Mo’s composite was 108 and he would have been higher if in US. I included him in my list of top 50-100 players


I was doing general ranges. DMo and Wagner were #102 and #108 which is close enough. Walton was #44 so I included him. I included Wilson and THJ as guys who were also close enough to be in the range. I probably should have put Irvin in the group with GR3 and McGary. I was also just listing those that worked out.

Anyway, we both definitely agree though. Villanova and Xavier are examples of highly successful programs built on that level of recruit.


Yep. I think we are on the same page. I enjoy watching the players develop. The one and done model is boring. I admire how Beilein is able to find guys in the 25-200 range who are able to go to the NBA after 2 or 3 years.


Why not push hard for different visit dates then? (Maybe they did, players and families have schedules too, obviously)


A European NBA scout said Wagner was top 40 back before he enrolled.


Kind of hard for a Euro scout to rank HS kids, no? :wink: I get what you are trying to say, really just poking fun at how ridiculous rankings can be at times.


If I’m remembering correctly, Corey Evans said he would be in the 40-50 range.



Have to agree with get…love the development side. JB is really focused on culture and team…one and done’ s seem like a poor fit for his teams! Not disappointed at all with the direction and players. JB just loves his guys…they’re all about the brick wall and picking the apple!

Iggy reminds me of a bigger but younger David Hesch…strong left, can bang with the best and loves to get to the line! Always better to deliver the hit than take it. Leave it on the Floor fellas!