2018 - Wing - RJ Barrett (Target)


That would be awesome. I hope that it is that simple


@nswan I was putting it out there as a possibility, not making an assumption that it actually happened. Given that Arizona is involved in his recruitment it is not unreasonable to be concerned. If I were to bet money on it, I’d bet that he’s clean because the NBA is a foregone conclusion for this kid, he has a sophisticated, presumably financially secure Dad guiding him and really nothing significant to gain by being on the take.


That’s fair and my fault for misunderstanding your post. I do agree that I believe Barrett is clean for the exact reasons that you mentioned


It’s not always about the kid being clean, and sometimes not about his parent. The dirty little secret of college basketball recruiting is that the money, or at least the big money, usually goes to someone other than the kid–it goes to his AAU program, prep school, “advisor,” etc., who then steer him to the place making the deal. And the fact that kids will get their money in a year doesn’t stop anyone who’s playing the game from wanting theirs now–you never know what’s going to happen, and there’s no reason not to “double dip” if that’s what you want to do. I’m NOT saying that Barrett’s recruitment is dirty–I have no idea–but other than Michigan, the players, including Oregon, do not bode well.


I don’t know much about Barrett as a kid, but it’s irking to hear people call a teenage kid who takes some cash (if he does) “dirty”. Is it better to be, say, Denard Robinson who has hundreds of thousands of jersey sales, video game and magazine covers…and gets $0, in pursuit of a career that ends in 4 years and $2 million pre-tax later?

As was mentioned - the crime here, explicitly, is the coaches who pocketed money from apparel companies.

I think it’s worth remembering who actually did wrong.


Let’s be real, poor kids are more likely to get taken advantage of than middle class or rich kids. They’re more likely to have handlers that influence their parents to do unsavory things. They’re more likely to pick the advisor that the handler steers them towards because their parent’s don’t have the knowledge or resources to figure it out on their own. They’re more likely to think $10k, even $100k, is too much to turn down. Counter-example: Cormac Ryan, our recent target, son of an investment banker, picked Stanford. Do you really think his dad is going to get suckered or seduced by a bunch of street hustlers?


Breaking clearly defined rules is absolutely something that can be considered dirty, especially in basketball where top recruits have several other options besides college ball that still lead to the NBA draft.

Also, this isn’t “some cash”, this is $100,000+ being used to give certain schools an inherent competitive advantage.


That’s fair about using the word “dirty” pertaining specifically to a kid. More precisely the situation is “dirty” and out of laziness I think that when people are calling a kid dirty, they are more speaking about his entire recruitment, which the player in question may not have any idea is even happening.

As for the Denard situation, that just points to a broken system. Because a system is broken, it does not give a player license to break the rules of that system in which that the same player willingly engaged in the system knowing full well what the rules are. The system should indeed be changed though


Ah but the cash, at least in this story, isn’t even being given to the kids - it’s being given to coaches. I think it’s weird that people have pivoted from a story about the corruption of the established adults and to all of a sudden talking about which kids “got paid”. The kids getting getting paid isn’t the story here - it’s adults who are titularly responsible to be the players’ advisors and mentors.

In a story about apparel companies paying coaches to steer players to specific brands and agents, why are we discussing recruits getting duffels of money? It seems like a redirection.


Did you read the report? Brian Bowen very clearly received a $100,000 bribe to attend Louisville and represent Adidas in college and then to sign with them in the NBA. That’s not in any way debatable.


One quick correction, Denard was assuredly paid for the NCAA 14 cover because he was no longer in college when he appeared on it. That is the case for all NCAA covers, they always featured former college athletes (usually from the previous season).


We aren’t calling him dirty. We are calling his recruitment dirty.


This is funny to me.

If you’re a Louisville fan, was Brian Bowen worth the risk?

If we have solid information that Barrett comes with baggage, I’d have no problem taking a pass, especially after yesterday.

But who knows, I’ve seen no solid information even confirming his visit is off. But the analysts I trust have said all along, “no chance.”


The story is all of it - players, agents, “advisors,” street agents, shoe companies, coaches - all part of a very corrupt system.


The NBA was a foregone conclusion for Chris Webber, OJ Mayo, Stephon Marbury, and Josh Jackson - among many others. Yet they and their families took money.

Who the heck knows what Barrett’s financial situation is?

And much of this is about the entitlement, not need.

I have no idea - on way or another - on Barrett. I’m confident we’re approaching it as a clean recruitment until we learn otherwise.


Interesting note on a group chat, partly led by Barrett:

The last card Oregon has working in their favor is a group chat currently being carried out among multiple Oregon targets. Barrett is one of the main prospects leading this chat. The others? Five-star power forward Emmit Williams and five-star small forward Louis King. Five-star Bol Bol has also been included in it recently. They talk teaming up together we are told. They discuss various schools as a potential landing spot, but the one common theme among all four prospects is Oregon. Does that mean they are a lock? No. But it is worth monitoring. Barrett, King, and Williams became close while going to elite camps for Nike, NBA Top 100, and other events this summer and it’s sort of become Oregon’s good fortune.

We are also told that four-star commit Miles Norris is part of this group and has been a huge help as a peer recruiter.


I wonder what else they discuss in this group chat.


In the past ---- and by past I mean last weekend ---- references to a school’s “good fortune” in recruiting tended to be code for things that were exposed yesterday.


Bowen was certainly not worth any of it. That wasnt my point. If Barrett comes with baggage it is an easy decision to pass. My point was that if the only thing that is spooking Michigan is the firestorm that started yesterday and the fact that he is the #1 guy in the country, that is soft.

Not disagreeing about the likelihood that we were ever going to land him. I still thing it is worth pursuing until you have a definitive answer based on the reasons that i discussed earlier


maybe some FBI field agent is interested in it too