2018 - Wing - RJ Barrett (Target)


Per Jeff Meyer, Michigan is 1 of 4 schools that could receive an official visit.


Good to be mentioned with those schools. Keep competing and eventually some more will fall to Michigan.



Don’t do this to me again, Dylan. My heart can only take it so many times. :cry:

He looks like he could slot in and be Junior-Year Caris right away.


Tries not to get excited*


Michigan is closest to Canada. That’s a +1 for us in my book…and we all know my book is never wrong.


Insert obligatory recruit comment about JB’s great developmental skills and then wave bye bye to Bluebloodville.




Barrett is a notch above Bamba and Brown in my book. I’m shocked to hear we’re even mentioned. One of these days…


Barrett is absolutely a stud. Beat the USA U19 team basically by himself. Think he’s a notch above Jaylen Brown, but the idea of an elite rim protector like Bamba was still tantalizing.


Is Barrett an elite athlete? It didn’t seem like it from the highlight tape, but that kind of production against that comp level is pretty insane.


Here’s Givony’s recap from FIBA U19s:

Barrett completely outplayed U.S. wings Cameron Reddish (No. 3 in ESPN’s 2018 Top 100) and Hamidou Diallo (a potential 2018 lottery pick) in their head-to-head matchups, looking virtually unstoppable off the dribble and getting to the free throw line 15 times en route to a 38-point, 13-rebound, 5-assist, 1-turnover outing – one of the best individual performances we’ve ever witnessed at the FIBA youth level.

The young forward even knocked down a pair of 3-pointers against the U.S., something that is considered the weakest part of his game (he’s a 33 percent career 3-point shooter on 83 attempts in 26 games in our database). His mechanics are sound and he was effective at this tournament rising up and making shots off the dribble, so it’s likely only a matter of time until he’s able to expand his range. The rest of his game is as polished as you’ll find from a 17-year-old.

He’s incredibly smooth in transition, displays elite body control and footwork attacking the rim in the half court, looks unselfishly for the open man and can play lockdown, multipositional defense when he puts his mind to it. Barrett’s poise was arguably the most impressive thing he showed in Cairo earlier this month. His demeanor never changed in the medal rounds, and he looked locked in and focused as he delivered big play after big play.

Consensus seems to be really good athlete and the 6-10 wingspan helps a lot.


I hope JB hires his Mom and Dad to fill the 2 assistant coach openings.


LOL dying at that comment


Lmao seriously. Anyone know if RJ has any type of friendship/relationship with Iggy because #Canada?


Or Nik Stauskas while we’re at it…


I watched that game. He was clearly the best player and the best prospect on the floor. US had no answer for him. If I recall correctly, there were several times the US players looked at Calipari after a Barrett score and Cal had no answer either.

Marvin Bagley is clearly the best player in the 2018 class and Barrett would battle him for that.


Sounds like Bagley will probably end up in 2017 as well.


Barrett plays on the OTHER one of only two relevant Canadian AAU teams, so my guess is that he does not have a particularly strong relationship with him. He does have a strong relationship with Kigab who is going to Oregon. He will almost certainly go to Oregon or Kentucky and, thus, I would say it is a huge emotional mistake to invest in his recruitment.


Whoa, hold up a sec. Don’t tell me I can’t cling to the 0.1% chance he comes here while looking way too deep into interview quotes and what random biased recruiting guys say only to have it stolen from me when he goes elsewhere. This is a umhoops tradition, we need to keep it alive.