2018 - Wing - RJ Barrett (Target)


Time to ramp up the positive/delusional thinking. I’m going to go out on a limb and say we’re the favorite.

  • Toronto to Ann Arbor is a short trip and makes it easier to see games in person
  • His Dad is a pro and appreciates Beilein for his integrity and track record developing players
  • Duke, Kentucky, and Arizona are the perennial powerhouses you’re sort of obligated to check out when you’re the #1 player
  • Oregon obviously has strong Canadian ties so there’s another one that is high on the radar by default
  • Michigan you have to actively think about a little bit to fully appreciate. Dad is a thinker!


  • RJ is a simple guy by his own admission. No need to sell-out by naming a building after him.
  • No prior relationship with American college coaches via Team USA.


Definitely doesn’t sound like UK or Arizona from that article: said his visit at Kentucky was just “alright,” and that he didn’t really know much about Arizona.


What say you, @CoryR’s friend?


“He’s coming 100%”


I like that you’ve been consistent with this point, in this thread in particular, but I’m curious if the simplicity of your statement is implying something negative (or positive) about our chances?


Depends on his relationship with the coaches. Maybe RJ and his dad love our staff.


Insider forum post on Scout (Subscription needed) http://scout.com/college/michigan/Board/102410/Contents/Hoops-visitor-update--108028982

RJ Barrett is no longer visiting this weekend. Nothing was said about why or if it will be rescheduled.


It sounds to me like he’s committed to Oregon.


Is that an inference or did you hear it from someone?


Inference, given that he’s just completed his Oregon official. The exact quotation sounds pretty final to me.


Well, let’s bring in CC then.


potential downside of being the last visit, I suppose.


Unless Oregon ends up getting implicated in this mess before the November early signing period??? :sunglasses:


While it might seem like a pipe dream, Oregon has such insanely close ties to Nike that I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see similar things going on there. We already know Adidas was outbid for a recruit by “another apparel company”, and that pretty much leaves Nike and Under Armour.


I’m thinking Beilein or the AD may have pulled the plug on this. Steer clear of the train wreck.


I sure hope not. That would seem pretty soft


RJ was not coming here, so who really cares who backed out on who? I wouldn’t blame JB at all if it was him to be honest. It is hard not to be spooked by one and dones. So you think Brian Bowen is the only top croot out there that knows he can get cash from a shoe company?


Not to mention that Nike, Adidas et al, can funnel money to Canada even more surreptitiously than here.


Yeah I understand that the likelihood of Barrett coming here was slim. I also understand that JB is going to play by the rules 100% of the time and if there was something fishy about the situation, then I get those circumstances. But this is all speculation. Based on the facts we know these things: 1) Barrett is no longer visiting this weekend; 2) there is a firestorm happening in college basketball recruiting right now; 3) JB plays by all of the rules.

If we make the single assumption as @Bebopson did that Michigan pulled the plug on the visit then we did for one of three reasons (as far as I can see): 1) We got spooked; 2) Michigan got word, whether from Barrett or somewhere else, that there 0% chance that he is coming; 3) this is a dirty recruitment

I cant make any assumptions that Barrett is dirty or clean (although I completely agree that there are likely a lot of dirty recruitments in CBB) because none of us know anything at this point. It is possible that he has made his choice i.e. Oregon. I can live with either of these two situations above but if we pulled out because of the firestorm and got spooked, that is borderline inexcusable. Barrett is a team and season changing talent. He has the potential to alter the trajectory of the program. He is the same guy that everyone has been preaching that the only way that you oversign by two is if you can get him.

You miss 100% of the shots that you dont take… I feel like we are no longer taking the shot


So we’re sure it’s not just a scheduling conflict and he may be here the week after to catch the MSU game in primetime?