2018 - Wing - RJ Barrett (Target)


Personal relationships are paramount in recruiting. Everything else is ancillary.


Any insights into who his personal relationships are with at UM? Just trying to figure out how we made this top 5. Apologies in advance if this has been well publicized and I just missed it…


Generally with the high ranked guys it’s Beilein himself.


If there’s one thing the past couple years have taught me in terms of recruiting it’s that this statement is 110% true. When recruits are deciding we often discuss how he’d be a better fit for our offense or Beilein gives him a better chance at the NBA, yet the relationship with the coach is probably a plurality of what actually matters and we have no clue what goes on there besides the occasional interviews.


Guys who are involved with basketball at higher levels love Beilein and the stuff he does. Rowan Barrett, RJ’s dad, is second in command behind Steve Nash for the Canadian National Team. I’m sure his dad has done his research and knows a thing or two about developing talent.


Most young athletes are young and impressionable. Most parents of athletes are lacking in the required knowledge and impressionable. Most of the people that are in a position to make an impression on the parents and athletes are smart but paid off directly or indirectly. Beilein does very well with knowledgeable parents because they see through the bullshit.


Relationships are important (in many things in life), but not all recruitments are the same.


I’ve never commented and not sure if this comes out correctly but here’s an article that sounds like Barretts UK visit wasn’t all that.


edit: this was 100% wrong, ignore.


From the link to ZagsBlog there was a quote on Michigan:

Michigan: “They like to play with big guards. I’m a big guard and I would get to play and get better there, too.”


He played against Cal but hasn’t played under him.


Do you know who I’m thinking of? This is definitely something that happened with a highly ranked player recently.

edit: It was Romeo Langford, my apologies.


Probably wasn’t impressed when he played against him either: 38/13/5


Here’s more: https://basketballrecruiting.rivals.com/news/2018-s-no-1-player-r-j-barret-recaps-kentucky-talks-recruitment

“November is the plan,” said Barrett of his timetable for a decision. "I’m just trying to not have to worry about during the season. It will mean more interviews and stuff like that where I’m not focused. I’m a simple person, if I go to a school and see what I like then I’m going to go ahead and commit to going there.

“I’m still going to take all of my visits. I don’t want to not visit somewhere and potentially miss out on something by making my decision too quickly."


On Michigan:


From reading that article, I would say Duke is the favorite.


I’d guess Duke or Oregon. Hopefully he shocks everyone and goes to the good guys.


I think it just depends on your personal priorities. If I was looking for the best system to work on my game, and run an NBA style offense, I’d pick us.


Relationship with coaching staff circumvents everything.


Kid is definitely a long shot but i think his background gives a shot. His dad is a former pro and higher up in canadas national team and i listened to an interview with Kevin Boyle, his high school coach, who said his dad is very analytical and research oriented. Boyle also said his dad is the one running this show, so you dont have the outside influences in this recruitment like there are with may other top kids. Boyle said barrett would go to whatever school barretts dad felt would develop him best.