2018 - Wing - RJ Barrett (Target)

We should also keep the tradition alive of complaining when we miss out on recruits we were longshots with to begin with. Something tells me RJ Barrett will be another name used to suggest we can’t recruit with bluebloods (something partly true at the moment–I just tend to disagree on the cause)


Have we been present at his AAU games in recent weeks?

He’s been sitting out AAU during July. Just played the FIBA U19 tourney.

Beilein did watch him the one April weekend that he played EYBL though:


Seems like the reclassification things is a tactic to minimize the delay caused by the 1-and-done rule. I’m not sure what the argument is for other kids unless they had originally reclassified to a later year, as some athletic parents tend to, to allow them to be more college-ready physically.

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I don’t know, but in his case, although he is a sophomore, I think he just turned 17 recently. One thing I can say for sure, I saw Montverde play in some hoops tournament on ESPNU a while back, and physically, he’s ready. I was really surprised when they said he was just a sophomore.

Another kid from basketball industry family. We tend to do well with this type.
NBAdraft.net: Son of former Canadian National Team Member and Assistant GM/Executive VP of the Canadian Senior Mens Team, Rowan Barrett … Name is “Rowan Barrett Jr.”, goes by “RJ”

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I’m. Or even going to watch a second of video or I’ll be hooked. Nope, won’t do it.

Thanks a lot WWW.


I’m with @tarverine, I’m going all-in on this one.


this makes me feel better about our chance …

Barrett to 2018 is official.



Set up for another top 2-3 finish for a top 5 player! Hey, maybe we will hit one of these guys eventually, but not getting my hopes up.

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Nah, it’s more fun to believe. Not being super-slappy here, more like sorta-slappy.

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Last chance to make a good impression, but I don’t love that we don’t have a home football game that weekend…I feel like that is a decent selling point during those OVs


Silver Lining Alert: This might be where Barrett being Canadian might be a good thing.

Michigan’s usually in the position of having to make a counterpitch, anyway.

…although I’m not about to say that 100K+ people gathered doesn’t make an impression…

Great point! We’re basically competing against basketball bluebloods, and a school with premeir facilities/branding who happens to be at an even (or better) position than us with basketball. We’re the only one of the group who has to go above and beyond to sell our Bball program to him and the campus experience to him…whether or not a home football game would help with a Canadian prospect is something I hadn’t considered