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For all the optimists out there, RJ Barrett just retweeted Iggy’s commitment tweet


Do we believe in miracles?


Im sick and tired of hearing what a great recruiting class Kentucky/Duke has; screw 'em! They might get 9 out of 10 recruits, but not this one, not Barrett.


RJ Retweeted the Stauskas tweet too–the one about a second Canadian joining Iggy!!!


@CoryR, do we have confirmation that RJ is coming?


My sources say it’s like 98.7% that he’s coming.


Interesting. I guess I’ll only look at the individual Scout/247 rankings when comparing the class


Personally I think Oregon is the biggest threat. Duke just signed Cam Reddish, has Gary Trent Jr and Jordan Tucker (5*,5*,4* respectively). Kentucky has Hamidou Diallo and Jamarl Baker (5,4). Arizona has Allonzo Trier, Rawle Alkins and Brandon Randolph (5,5,4). Oregon has NOBODY at SG.


I’m not sure if you’ve seen Barrett play, but I can assure you that internal competition will not be an issue for him anywhere. He will start and he will play major minutes, regardless of the pedigree of those who precede him. He is a truly elite player.


Yup, I remember one of the Michigan Scout guys saying he’s on a level above our recent one in a million targets, and that’s saying a hell of a lot.


Definitely agree. Could make a difference however if other star players take away some time/spotlight from him, if that matters to him.


I’ve seen his tape. Just saying if he wants to be the man vs another piece then Oregon offers the latter.


He will be The Man wherever he goes.


Looks like Iggy needs to stop shooting so much from the right corner. Looks like most of his 3pt attempts came from there, and he shot 18% at the spot. Makes sense that a lefty would struggle from that spot. He definitely has some inconsistencies in his shot, from his set up to his jump to his release. But not a better person to learn from than Beilein, who I’m convinced can make a 35% 3pt shooter out of anyone.


RJ will be the best player anywhere he goes and I think everyone on this board agrees there. But I do think it’s fair to consider the mindset of a consensus top 5 recruit that would visit Michigan and wanting to go somewhere he can put a unique stamp on the program.

I think for a guy that talented to have serious interest in Michigan, that already implies a certain element of intrigue in not going the blueblood route. Jaylen Brown to Cal and Mo Bamba to Texas both played out in this fashion. If this is true, RJ to Oregon would make the most sense if not Michigan.

But I say all this while still believing Duke is the team to beat for Barrett


Gotta disagree with you on this point. Duke and Kentucky don’t have “The Man”. Too many elite players… names you remember. Kevin Durant at Texas was the man. Doesn’t matter if you’re the #1 ranked recruit, what matters is how strong (or rather weak) the rest of the roster is.


Just looked at the usage stats and I’m gonna have to agree with you upon further review, although I don’t think they’ve had a guard at his level that deserves to be used like Durant was. Andrew Harrison is actually the only top 5 guard that they’ve gotten since Brandon Knight.

Well, I guess we’ll find out when he inevitably goes to Duke or Kentucky!


That’s interesting. I didn’t think about the fact that both Brown and Bamba went to non blue bloods. That combined with Oregon’s Canadian connections do make it seem like they could be the biggest threat/favorite



Iggy 42
Matthews 59
X 67
Johns 69

4 of the top 9 highest recruits JB has landed at Michigan. We are really going to be solid and deep.