2018 - Wing - Ignas Brazdeikis (Commit)


Oh hell yes. Welcome Iggy! Go Blue!


Nice add to the class. A shot hunting lead scorer. The 2017 and 2018 classes seem to compliment each other well, even more so if 2016 RS center Austin Davis lives up to the coaching staff’s comments.


BOOOOOM!!! Yeah, baby!


Awesome news. This kid is a bucket getter. I think he will really excel in Beilein’s offense. The 2018 class is coming together very nicely and I assume we will add one more in short order.


Hot Damn!..


As if I didn’t love Nik Stauskas enough already…


Awesome! Another win for coach Beilein!


Love seeing the new parenthetical “(Commit)” on this thread.




Go blue!


Wow, just got home to this news - so excited!!!


Excellent. Fantastic. Great.


Let’s Goooo!!! And in CC’s final two, to boot.


Excellent news for Michigan basketball! Hope Iggy ends up enjoying Michigan as much as Nik Stauskas and Denard Robinson seemed to also.


Welcome young man! I’m excited because he seems like a player who will score and irritate other teams with his craftiness. Like stauskas, a lot of Wisconsin guys over the years, or ginobili.


As predicted


Yep. Iggy is exactly the kind of player JB should excel with. Great fit for the system and for next years team. Now let’s get another high quality wing to complete out best class since 2012.



Awesome pickup by Coach Beilein! Gives us a Top 10 class for sure!


On pace for 16th per composite.


The composite ranks Brazdeikis 91 because rivals and espn do not give numerical ranks to guys who play their high school ball outside the U.S. If not for this, Brazdeikis would clearly be a top 50 player (247 has him at 45, and rivals says he’d be top 50 if ranked), and that would adjust the class rankings accordingly.