2018 - Wing - Ignas Brazdeikis (Commit)


I’m guessing that’s becaus ESPN finally ranked him?


Yup, if Rivals didn’t have rules that make no sense he’d be a fringe top 30 guy due to the consistency in his rating.


Looks like he’d be in the 34-41 range of ESPN’s rankings based on his score, although perhaps they won’t actually include him in their top 100.


I heard this morning on WTKA that 247 asked Rivals to rank him for the composite.


I hope I am wrong but still not seeing as much upside as most here.


You are very wrong.


Iggy has never seen a shot he doesn’t like. 100% scorers mentality. How well it translates to the next level is an open question going forward. Nice prospect though.


His offensive rating in EYBL games (21) was 111.9 with a 30.1% usage rate. Those are pretty good numbers for such a high usage rate. Yes, he’s a scorer. But as I pointed out in the video breakdown, he gets to the basket a lot and isn’t just a chucker.


Nice prospect. Also a willing rebounder. Hard to predict how his game will translate going forward.


His game seems as if he may live at the free throw line which would be a good thing. Not afraid of contact but also knows how to avoid it and finish.


The thing I love about Iggy is he checks so many boxes. He might not be elite in any one area but he his very good in almost all categories. This equates to a very good all around college player. With his size, strength, aggressiveness and skill set I really think he will have an immediate impact.


Not to mention he plays at Canada’s version of Montverde/IMG and the Canadian national team. He should be prepared for the talent level.


Fair to question his upside though. He’ll be almost 20 years old as a freshman and isn’t the best athlete. That doesn’t mean he won’t be productive though.


I think him and Johns fit our team perfectly on the wing… really excited to watch them two.


I see him as a guy with ability that will bring aggression and intensity every game. Two things that this team can always use more of.


He feels like a shorter McGary, with a better shot, and the same bull your way to the rim mentality.

Mitch was old for a freshman, and wasn’t super athletic (no one’s confusing him for freshman D’Andre Jordan, for example), but was obviously very effective.


Since he’s coming here, we’ll find out how tall he really is. Less than 6’8" I would imagine.


His physical shortcomings seem to me more potentially limiting of his NBA potential than his ability to produce in college.


Might differentiate ceiling from upside here, though. Because while he might have less maturing left to do–physically or in his game–if he is a strong player out of the gate and we keep him around that may mean plus-productivity across his career here.


While he isn’t the best athlete, he isn’t a slouch either. While he does seem to put more effort into dunking than other guys his height, he’s got excellent body control and nimble feet. And he’s strong. I expect him to improve especially in 2 areas after he arrives 1) athleticism/strength and conditioning (look at pretty much everyone who goes through Camp Sanderson). He can easily add 4-5 inches on his vertical. 2) Shooting. I think Abdur-Rahkman’s improved shooting is a good example but obviously there are more.