2018 - Wing - Ignas Brazdeikis (Commit)


Alright so Barrett to Michigan = confirmed



Photographic evidence that Ignas is actually 10’8" tall. Case closed.


Yup. Nearly taller than the jumbotron!



Glad there is a counter to the full court pressure/desperation move by JB


Also just everyone taking their turn this week now that coaches are allowed back on the road :slight_smile:



Had the most and best things to say about Michigan of his three schools that he is taking an official on… hopefully not just an artifact of Michigan being the only official visit that he has had thus far


Not sure how this affects Iggy but a 4 star SF just committed to Vanderbilt. Possibly noteworthy that his final two were Florida and Vandy


Oregon just got 5* SF Louis King. https://goo.gl/CxNKkg
I wonder how this might affect Iggy’s board.


What’s the connection? I thought Iggy’s top 3 were Michigan, Vandy and Florida?


Yeah, those are his three officials so far. Still has 2 to give. But you’re right, Oregon isn’t really in the mix. For some reason I thought they were.


Probably because he’s Canadian. Oregon interest is an easy assumption to make, these days


I don’t believe he is going to use the last 2. He mentioned deciding shortly after his Florida trip.


Isn’t Barrett linked to Oregon, attracting star power doesn’t help our, admittedly long, shot




Awesome. JB can recruit folks!


YES YES YES YES YES!!! Welcome Iggy!!! Biggest win in a long time IMO