2018 - Wing - Ignas Brazdeikis (Commit)


Lots of recent crystal balls for Iggy to UM. Not sure if that means anything.


How recent


I’ll actually be surprised if he doesn’t come to M.


Care to share the reason for your optimism?


Different shoes?


This is a recruitment we should easily win. It’s all teed up and ready to be closed. I really like our chances here.


Please elaborate.


Those Crystal Ball predictions must be recent. Haven’t gone out there in a while, but last I checked there wasn’t much on him at all. So some positive vibes must have come out of the visit perhaps. Would be great news for the good guys.


Sorry, there was intended sarcasm there with my Canadian Exchange Rate comment


I’m laughing so hard at people saying they trust their judgment based on that picture more than official measurements at Nike/USA basketball events. If you look at their feet, Johns is clearly closer to the camera then the rest.


That’s kind of my point. Basketball heights are like 40 times. There are variables in how they are measured and often inflated.


Any news from Iggy’s visit other than the photo (he looks 7’2" to me.)?


He said it was incredible, or something along those lines. All four guys talked about how great it would be to play together.


I hope that Iggy makes his decision soon enough to recruit Barrett for us. I just noticed that Iggy is a year and half older than Barrett and will turn 19 before hitting college campus.


Iggy and Barrett did not play on the same AAU team, nor do they even play high school basketball in the same country (Barrett is at Montverde in Florida). As you note, they’re not the same age. I’m not convinced that Iggy recruiting Barrett would make the slightest difference in what rates to be a long shot recruitment under the best of circumstances.


While I totally agree there’s no strong connection seemingly at all between Iggy and Barrett, I don’t think it hurts at all to add a highly touted Canadian player in his class. In that article a week ago where Barrett talked about all of his final 5 schools, his quote on Oregon was pretty much “it seems like all the Canadian players are going there now”

If RJ (and his dad) are serious about how they view JB as a talent developer and mentor, adding to our Canadian pipeline a month before Barrett’s OV would be quite a fun development to track IMO. That being said, if he doesn’t end up at Duke I’ll be shocked.


They may not have a tight connection but they were on the same canadian U17 team in 2016, http://www.basketball.ca/hm/news-article/slug-00fzkp.


Duke would be tough to beat, but I hope that Coach K’s health would be a big enough concern. Duke just cancelled their foreign tour last month because Coach K had to undergo another surgery, that the number 6 in less than a year and half.


Agree Kenny and thanks for the link! I noticed Michael Meeks was one of the Assistant Coaches for the Canadian team. Michael played at Canisius College for JB…maybe getting some JB love on the inside!


good finding! I would assume that Meek and Barrett Sr. are fairly close.