2018 - Wing - Ignas Brazdeikis (Commit)


Few if any recruits go to a school where they don’t have an initial great relationship with the staff.

It trumps all the other variables by a mile.

Livers, Johns, and Brooks LOVE Beilein.




I’m sure the fans booing the team didn’t push any of the targets towards us lol


At least RJ Barrett won’t have this problem on his visit


That’s the first time I can recall Iggy smiling in a pic. Go Blue!



Just a pic but…they sure look good together.

Ahrens looks almost as tall as iggy.


Iggy does not seem to be 6’8. More like 6’5, no? This seems pretty consistent across the two pictures.

Ahrens has the best smile and swagger.


Come to Michigan. We’ll get you jumpman pants in whatever length/style you prefer!

Man styles have changed since I was younger.


No. More like 6’7". Johns is 6’8". Ahrens about 6’5".


Is that Coach Beilein’s crib? Looks pretty nice.


No way DeJulius is 6’ tall. More like 5’9" at best.


haha, height speculation based on pictures drives Dylan crazy. I think DeJ is taller than 5’9, I would say 5’10 or 5’11. We need Beilein in the picture, he’s a good measuring stick.


Seen DeJulius in person multiple times. 5’9" - 5’9.5". I’ll be pleasantly surprised if he contributes at all as a Frosh. Even knowing it’s over a year away.


FWIW… these guys have all been measured at different camps:

  • DeJulius (without shoes, last summer): 5’11" at Nike Elite 100
  • Ignas (w/ shoes): 6-7 (this year at a Canadian event), was an inch taller a year ago at the same event
  • Johns (w/ shoes) at USA Basketball last summer: 6-8
  • Ahrens (w/o shoes, last summer): 6-5 at Nike Elite 100.

All from their DX profiles.


Are you sure they didn’t mess up the metric conversion or Candian exchange rate with Ignas’s height?


I’m gonna go ahead and venture a guess that DraftExpress, which covers more international hoops than just about anyone, can probably handle it.


I think the only one I trust is USA basketball (and my eyeballing of photos, of course). I mean how accurate can Iggy’s measurements be, if he managed to shrink one inch from last year? Iggy has to be 2" shorter than Johns.


Photos are misleading. If one player is slightly closer to the camera, the comparisons can be off. Remember that we’re talking an inch or two.


Those measurements should all be taken with a grain of salt. How does a teenage kid shrink?