2018 - Wing - Ignas Brazdeikis (Commit)


Ignas with a monster first game to help Team Canada knock off Team Africa. Had 32 on 11-17 shooting, 1-2 from 3, 9-16 from the line. Also had 8 rebounds. Nembhard with 6 points and 5 assists.


Ignas with another big game vs. Team Latin America. Had 27 on 10-17 shooting, 2-3 from 3, and 7-10 from the line. Had 7 boards. Nembhard with 10 points and 4 assists.

Canada plays against the better of the two Class of '19/'20 US teams that includes potential target Will Baker


Ignas and Team Canada had a rough one vs. USA Class of '19/'20 team, lost 100-77. Ignas finished with 16 on 7-16 shooting, 2-5 from 3, and 0-2 from the line. Nembhard finished with 3 points.

In first game today vs. one of the US '18 teams, Ignas had another big game with 31 points, 9 boards, and 6 assists. Nembhard 2 points and 7 assists.

They play the other US Class of '19/'20 team this afternoon. Team includes Armando Bacot, Matthew Hurt, Cole Anthony,Vernon Carey, and a slew of others.


Looks like Team Canada is done after their beatdown of Team Africa 115-75. Ignas only played 14 minutes, his lowest minute total of the tournament, and only had 3 points, all from the line. Nembhard went for 11 points in 13 minutes.



Oh sweet baby jesus.


Question for those of you who know things like this: If we hit the lotto and got both Iggy and Barrett to commit for 2018 AND both Mo and Matthews stay would there be a way to have Curry prep for a year or would we have to look for other attrition?


Iggy Iggy Iggy can’t you see,
Michigan is the place to be.
And all we do is develop pros
going to the NBA, there’s no other way.


Until a student-athlete attends his/her first class, nothing is official from the scholarship standpoint, so yes it is possible one of the Class of 18 signees could be asked to prep for a year.

But from a practical standpoint, that would be a bad precedent for any staff…let alone if it was Curry, a player the staffed worked with to reclassify, to then go back and ask the same player to un-reclassify?


Possible? Yes. Likely? Probably not. I think it would be more likely that you see a transfer in that case.


The thought of:


is wayyyyyy too much for my deliriously optimistic mind to handle


I like that he will be visiting with Ahrens. Do we know if any of the commits will also be on campus for a visit?


Would be nice to have dejulius and johns there. Sell Ahrens and brazeikas on being the last two pieces in the class.


Vanderbilt and Florida? :flushed:


Brian Snow said this on the scout forum:

As chez likes to point out, relationships relationships relationships.


If I recall vandy was recruiting him longer than we have.


Walton and DJ Wilson have both said they will be in Ann Arbor this weekend. Probably not a bad thing to have while Iggy is here


I jst want to be clear about this–when we get a recruit against high level competition, as we did with guys like Livers and Johns (MSU in both cases, IU with Johns), Brooks (Villanova, OSU), etc., does this mean that Beilein established a better relationship with those recruits than guys like Izzo, Wright, Miller, etc.?


I can’t speak to all of those situations but I have heard pretty uniformly that Johns relationship with Izzo was not great and the biggest factor to why he didn’t go to State


Not necessarily better (although it’s probably the case most of the time), but at least good enough that the rest of what we offer convinces them that this is where they want to play college ball. Again, this is just my opinion lol.