2018 - Wing - Ignas Brazdeikis (Commit)


Chris Mullin anybody?



Graham Brown


Ignas is starting to blow up, now in the top 100 of the composite after being unranked on it just a month ago. Hopefully that Stauskas connection works out as he seems like a perfect fit at UM.


Part of his composite ranking issue I think is that some sites (I believe Rivals, don’t rank ‘international’ kids)


The Rivals guys are saying he’d be top 35 if he were ranked.


If you’re playing in the EYBL you should be ranked. The international filter makes no sense. Stupid Americans.


Today’s CIA Bounce action


Looks like Iggy had a rough game


You can find his stats here: http://www.d1circuit.com/roster_players/17810600
A little out of date though.


Those are just EYBL stats, so won’t include this week at the NY2LA Summer Jam in Milwaukee. This is an open tourney that has teams from multiple shoe circuits and non shoe circuits.


Iggy gets his shots up.


Vinnie Johnson philosophy: " I only shoot when I got the ball"


That video was tough to watch (zoomed in too much or something?), I couldn’t get through it. Did he miss a ton of shots in it?


Article from Rivals regarding Ignas. Says UM is mad he won’t be 2017. There aren’t scholarships available for that.


The article does not say UM is mad he won’t reclassify. It says that “stings” for UM. That’s based on the assumption that UM was out in front with Vandy had he gone that route. There is a scholarship because Eilson left,


We’ve been talking about Iggy staying in 2018 for a while now. Yes, Michigan would have wanted him in 2017, but they also still want him in 2018.

What do you mean by there aren’t scholarships available for that?


I was under the impression that all the scholarships were gone, I was wrong.


Brazdeikis is playing at adidas Nations this weekend with Team Canada.


Here is the schedule. Looks like they’ll have box scores for all the games as well. Not sure about streaming.

Looks like Nembhard is playing as well