2018 - Wing - Ignas Brazdeikis (Commit)


I think the phrase is, Saul Goodman.


Posted a week ago. I believe its fairly new footage


If DJ goes NBA and Bamba doesn’t come here, I hope this guy reclassifies to 2017 and comes to Michigan.


He told Orion that right now he’s planning on 2018, FWIW.


Stay in his ear, Nik! https://www.instagram.com/p/BU7M3XNj4y7/?taken-by=nikstauskas11


I’d be pretty shocked if we didn’t land this kid.


hope that he reclassifies to fill in the last spot.


Anyone know how close Iggy actually is to Nik? I vaguely know just from following Nik that some of the other guys in that picture are some of his closest friends.


Am I the only one not crazy about this Prospect


I’m thinking yes. He can flat out play. He’s not exceptionally athletic, but he has an ability to use, shoot and finish with both hands which is highly, highly advanced for anyone, much less a kid at that level, he can shoot from the perimeter, he’s strong and can finish inside, and he’s been incredibly productive in the Nike eybl against high level AAU competition. A buddy of mine (an Illinois fan) who has watched a ton of high school basketball over the years called him a top 30 kid for sure if he were a U.S. high school kid and ranked by all the rating services. I agree–I love his game.


Me too Mhoops. He’s crafty around the hoop, complimented with an element of toughness but also very skilled. Unique combination.

Give me two of he, Johns and Hunter, oorrrrrr all three. :slight_smile:


He reminds me a bit of former Oklahoma star Ryan Minor. Not sure he has that much upside, as Minor was an All American, but he was a guy with a great outside shot, could score some inside, and wasn’t overly athletic but could really play.


Reminds me of Robbie Hummel before all of his injuries.


Iggy’s EYBL shooting stats thus far:

FG - 120-239 .504
FT - 70-99 .707
3PT. 18-60. .300


Maybe, I quite like him. I’d prefer him to Tyson or carmody and I think he can play the three and maybe some two. I might be alone on that though. I’d prefer him then as someone posted hunter and John’s. I’d like to see us go after some other slashing athletic wings too. Watson looks solid. I have a good feeling about this class.


How about ignas, shittu, hunter and Watson?


Traded texts with Ignas Brazdeikis, a four-star forward in the class of 2018. Brazdeikis told me that he WILL NOT be reclassifying to the class of 2017. He also said he has no visits planned for this summer and that Michigan is “most definitely” still one of his top teams.


Thanks for the actual legwork, Orion. We appreciate that far more than the hot takes we get elsewhere.


I know we already confirmed Iggy will stay in the 18 class but this interview came out today and there’s quite a bit of 17 talk and he doesn’t exactly say it’s a done deal


Great nickname. Would love to have this kid, whether its 2017 or 2018