2018 - Wing - Ignas Brazdeikis (Commit)



probably the most NBA ready body among all freshman Beilein ever had.


this could be the most talented group of freshman Coach Beilein has had since Mc Gary, Burke and GIII.


Replace Burke with Stauskas and you are correct


He seems much more explosive that I remember. The biggest question is, how does he move laterally?


Agree, always thought we were expecting too much from him but this video has me re-thinking things a little.


Err, McGary, but Iggy is similar.


McGray was a bit out of shape when arrived campus


He definitely looks to be in better shape, seems to have lost some baby fat.


In what sense? Just curious what you guys think by NBA ready body because Mitch was another guy someone threw out and that doesn’t really make sense to me. He came to Michigan pretty out of shape.


Most NBA ready body had to be Glenn Robinson IMO. He came in 5 lbs. lighter than his NBA weight on the official rosters and seemed to be all muscle. Although I too am not quite sure exactly what that means, as I’d place Darius Morris as the second on this list.

I personally think Johns has much more of a prototypical NBA body right now than Iggy if I’m understanding this.


what I see is a fully grown body and in great shape

D-Mo was close, GRIII was still growing …

Johns can definitely pack on more muscle


Did you see Brandon play during the season? He’s bulked up a ton since last July when he played AAU for Indy Heat. Most physically impressive player I saw of all the 2018”bigs” in Michigan, which had quite a few notable bigs. If he adds much more muscle/weight it’d almost be alarming to me. Could start affecting his mobility or shot.


Interesting. Iggy is definitely very strong (and a year older than the average incoming freshman). Think the questions about his college-readiness physically will be about his foot speed and quickness.

I would say a guy like Glenn came in as much more of an NBA-ready athlete.


The all not physically ready:


Stauskas and THJ? Both starters as freshman are on your not physically ready team?


Not NBA physically ready. I thought that was the convo. I was doing for fun.


I saw some of senior highlights of Johns, he definitely added a lot of physicality into his game. but IMO, his physical development is behind Iggy, which is not surprising given than Brandon is a year younger. He is lean and fit but could add some strength and confidence to unleash the strength. Iggy looks like a lean mean beast but Brandon still have a bit of puppy look, not necessarily the build but posture and movement.



Dude seems to have big hands.